Friday, December 07, 2012

So now you know where to come if you want help knitting a haggis! Many thanks to yesterday’s commenters.

A slight setback here yesterday – I was knitting peacefully along on the Reversible Cables and came to the end of the current ball and went to get the final skein of Colinette’s “Vatican Pie” – and couldn’t find it! Could I possibly, in fact, not have ordered it? Were there only three? After quite a bit of looking, I gave up and ripped out a few rows in order to have the yarn to finish off.

Then I found it.

The stitches have been recovered, I’ve figured out where I am in the pattern, I am ready to resume (except that I have still to wind the skein). But the net result is that I seem to have advanced only two inches yesterday – still six to go.


Some progress yesterday – I made a good start on the cards. I have heard from Alistair in Beijing that he will be delighted to teach his grandfather how to use his Christmas-present Microsoft Surface, and I’ve ordered a stylus for it. I was most encouraged, Catdownunder, to hear how well your father, at 89, is getting on with his iPad.

I think I read somewhere that the Surface automatically backs up to the cloud, and if not, my husband can learn to use Dropbox. He has a healthy respect for the routine of backing-up. Alistair says that they were burgled recently in Beijing – nobody told me – and ‘[Daddy] was like: "Oh no my laptop!" but then he was like "Ha Alistair! Sugarsync backed it all up! The cloud isn't so useless after all"’

I had trouble with that blasted credit card again yesterday – but this time it was probably because I typed a wrong digit. Payments to other sources went through yesterday, and another one did this morning. I’ve paid the one that failed from another account. Lots of paying, this time of year.

If this business about the Mayan calendar proves right, the world will end the day before we go to Loch Fyne. That will be a disappointment.


There was an article in this week’s Sunday Times about the new Canadian Governor of the Bank of England. It said that his “firebrand wife” is “prone to frequent outbursts of anti-capitalism and yoghurt knitting patterns”. That’s a new one. Neither yoghurt nor knitting was mentioned in the rest of the article.

Rosesmama and Catmum, thank you for the pointer to the Turban(d) pattern (Ravelry link) – I’ve downloaded and printed. 


  1. Ha, the yoghurt knitting pattern comment reminded me of our standing description "knit your own yoghurt types" when we lived in Ireland. There were a lot of mainland Europeans who came to live in the south west of Ireland and tried to be self sustaining. I must add that it was affectionately meant as we shared many of their sentiments.

    Regarding the cloud - it often takes a painful loss to teach one the benefit of backing up - dont ask how I know.


  2. MrsAlex10:50 AM

    We have "knit your own yoghurt" types in rural East Anglia, too. Usually up for the weekends, driving 4WDs and wearing fancy wellies, unlike us local peasants with old bangers and dirty black/green wellies.

  3. Ruth in Ottawa2:13 PM

    As a Canadian, I must say that I have never heard the "knit your own yoghurt" expression. And what does his wife have to do with the New Guy's ability to do the job for which he was hired?!

  4. Gretchen2:16 PM

    I'm getting hungry & laughing. Yoghurt knitting?? Vatican Pie??

  5. skeindalous2:57 PM

    Do you suppose it could possibly be 'knit your own yurt'? And the spell check auto-zapped it? How bizarre. Please keep us apprised, should a clarification come along!

  6. Anonymous3:24 PM

    So... I looked up "knitting yoghurt" in the urban dictionary. Sufice to say I don't think the Sunday Times is quite that risque. Although, I'm Canadian; for all I know it is.


  7. Definitely a derogatory term for "tree-hugging liberals" and also implies that "A yoghurt knitter is generally ineffectual. He impedes or tries to impede others rather than actually going out and doing something."

  8. MaureenTakoma7:29 PM

    Ok, now I have to go find the urban dictionary. Never a dull moment in your comments section Jean.