Sunday, December 02, 2012

You were quite right, Kristie – getting started on the Christmas cards was all it took to make me feel happier. A bit happier. Chores are like that old computer game with moles – hit one on the head, and there are two more behind you.

One nice thing is that there has never in history been a year with so few packages to wrap and post – a chore I truly hate, and an expensive one.  Archie will save me a great deal of trouble and money by carrying the Greek presents to Athens when he goes home for the hols – gosh, next week. I’ll see everybody else on the shores of Loch Fyne. That leaves only the present for my sister to entrust to the mails.

The credit card worked fine yesterday. There are now only a couple more jobs for it to do.

The still-to-do part of the brioche scarf is now measured in inches rather than feet. Two more evenings? It doesn’t look as if there’s any danger of a knitting panic, anyway. And the prospect of starting Ed’s Gardening Sweater stretches ahead like a sunny pasture. I’ll take it along over Christmas.

Franklin has posted about Loop. Wonderful pictures, including one of me. That should boost readership into the stratosphere for a day or two. And if I ever get to London again, I am going to have to insist on a day to myself to go back to Loop.

But how’s this for seasonal gloom:

I opened up Zite on the iPad just now, to see if there was any knitting news to fill a paragraph. The opening page always consists of five items on any subject which Zite thinks might be of interest.  One of them, today, is a poem called Wild Before Winter, written by someone I knew at Oberlin. (Either that or there are two men in the world named Romulus Linney.)

“In my eightieth year” it says in the poem. Just like me. And at the end it says, “Used by permission of the Estate of Romulus Linney”.

On a brighter note: I was overjoyed, as you guessed, Metropolitan Rebecca, to learn that the norovirus is named after Norwalk, Ohio. Wikipedia confirms it. The virus laid the mighty All Blacks low last week, to the point where England beat them yesterday.


  1. That was a great write-up Franklin did about meeting you. I think you underestimate how much you mean to all of your readers, from the famous ones like Franklin to the not-so-famous ones like me. :-)

    I took my own advice yesterday and started the first of the Christmas baking. Like you and the Christmas cards, it made me feel better. But yes, those nasty moles loom large.

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    And Romulus Linney was the father of actress Laura Linney. She was so fabulous in You Can Count on Me.

    Beverly in NJ

    1. She IS an amazing actress, isn't she? Currently enjoying her in "The Big C."

  3. I'm with Kristie - you don't give yourself enough credit. Franklin was just a knitter like the rest of us when he found you online. I had dinner with him once at TNNA a few years ago and he talked about you to several people! Off to check out the poem.

  4. Oh No!!! Surely it was because England played so well that we beat the All Blacks.....

    Much joy in our house after that game!!

  5. I too really enjoyed Franklin's post. I think you two have a mutual admiration society going. Loop looks fantastic and a very long plane ride from San Francisco.

  6. Was it a virus or another evil waitress called Suzie?

  7. Romulus Linney looks interesting, starting with his name. Since he died of lung cancer, perhaps he knew his time was limited when he wrote the poem?