Sunday, March 03, 2013

A good day on the technical front, yesterday; not much knitting. I will do two more rounds before starting the dolman increases. The pattern prescribes the same number of them for all sizes – 24 rounds in which you increase two stitches at the underarm every other round. So I’ll do that.

Then the body will be split and I’ll be knitting back and forth. The circumference of the sleeve will be determined by how far I knit before starting shoulder- and neck-shaping. (The problem, if it is one, is that I am working on a finer yarn than the designer. I am operating on the number of stitches she gives for the smallest size because I don’t want too much fabric flapping about, but overall length and some shaping will have to depend on a larger size. I am prepared to rip.)


I phoned BT. They said that their TV system depends on your aerial. So that won’t help, if my diagnosis is correct. I think it must be, because both television and video recorder are equally affected. Video reception is slightly better, perhaps because the aerial plugs in there.

I then rang Virgin. It sounds as if their cable will work, and as if I don’t have to pay “line rental” for TV only, after all. I will hear from their engineers in a week or so. Their website says, bizarrely, that cable TV isn’t available for our postcode. Bizarre, because our neighbours downstairs have a Virgin system. Perhaps they have so many television sets that they use it all up, but I am hopeful.

I like dealing with Virgin. They answer the telephone promptly – a good start. We have some money in one of their unit trusts, and I remember feeling the same about that transaction.

Much of the rest of the day was devoted to the Surface to which I am becoming somewhat reconciled. I installed the new router, without difficulty. The signal reaches the dining room, halfway along the house, and my husband is happy to work there.

Early on, I downloaded a lot of his files from Dropbox. They now reside on the Surface. I had thought that anything saved in Microsoft Office on the Surface was automatically copied to the Microsoft cloud. Not so. I have not told my husband this but have crept in and copied to the cloud the files he was working on, and copied them on to Dropbox from my own computer. A bit clumsy, but safe enough as long as I keep at it.

I could load everything onto the Microsoft cloud – if he worked from that, surely his work would be saved back to it. Or I could download the rest of the files onto the Surface. As for the work itself, he’s learning. I figured out how to enlarge the cursor. He is making progress with his touching-technique, and at least it's easier than a mouse.


There is another big article about Cardinal O’Brien in the Observer today. I have read it on-line and it is largely guff, but it contains the statement that all four of the complaining priests accuse the Cardinal of “attempting to touch, kiss, or have sex with people in his care.” The fifth complainer hasn’t been mentioned anywhere, as far as Google can tell me, except in that little article in the Times to which I linked the other day. 


  1. Dear Jean. After the statement from the Cardinal yesterday, you must feel so horribly let down. I am sorry.

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Jean, I also thought of you yesterday when I read about the Cardinal's admission. I'm sorry your faith in him has been violated. It sounds like he has many good qualities and has done much good. His weakness, though, is in an area where our society doesn't allow much room for error.

    And I do also feel that his actions may have caused more pain to his victims (targets?) than we might fully understand.

    A very sad situation. But a very human one.

    Beverly in NJ