Saturday, March 02, 2013

Vast quantities of spam comments again. Most of it attaches to old entries and gets moderated. A couple got through yesterday, and have been expunged. It's time-consuming.

There is little to report on the knitting front. Only 2 cm to go before the dolman increases on the Relax – I had better do some forward planning this morning while some of the synapses are firing.

I ordered Kathleen Kinder’s “Inspiration of Lace Knitting” from the Country Knitting of Maine website yesterday. It relates to a lace sampler in the collection of the (English) Knitting and Crochet Guild.

Kristie has embarked on the grim process of selling her house and I see from some of her pictures this morning that she’s got some empty book shelves! My knitting books have long since spilled over into piles on the floor. I am making some progress with my 2013 resolution to get-a-grip, but I haven’t come up with a work-around for that one yet. My light reading is all in the iPad these days: that certainly helps.


Rachel sent me a link yesterday to an interesting article suggesting that the 4G signal can interfere with terrestrial television, especially the Freeview channels. I have no idea what 4G is, but I think central Edinburgh recently got it – perhaps at about the same time as our troubles started.

I don’t understand “cable”. The websites aren’t much help. I turned first to Virgin. Their website says that we’re not in a cable area. That’s not true – our downstairs neighbours have Virgin television. The website makes it clear that television, if available, arrives by means of a “fibre-optic cable”. But it also sounds as if you have to pay “line rental” as well as the charge for the television. Presumably meaning it’s not much use going to them for television alone.

We get telephone and broadband from BT. I will take a chair and a book to our wall-mounted telephone this morning, and sit there patiently trying to ask them whether we can get television too. Their website doesn’t say anything about fibre optics. Do they squirt television down the telephone line? Or expect to rely on that aerial on the roof? I hope I can talk to someone who knows.


There was a small story in the Times yesterday saying that another priest has complained about the Cardinal’s behaviour towards him. This one relates to an incident in 2001, and the complaint was made late last year. It was that which inspired the four priests we already knew about, to enter their own complaint more recently. Still anonymous, still no details of what is being complained about, but it sounds bad.

The television news last night said that we will learn something specific over the weekend – perhaps in tomorrow’s Observer? And that the Cardinal will make another statement next week.

I haven’t done anything at all recently about my husband’s Surface and its cloud problems. 


  1. Hello Jean, They talked about 4G related TV disruptions in certain areas on Radio 4's 'You and Yours' last week or the week before. The introduction of filters was mentioned (smallish boxes to be daisy chained to the aerial cable before it gets fed into the TV). Maybe the program is still available on 'listen again'. Otherwise asking at John Lewis might shed some light on how long we'll have to wait for those filters.

    Happy knitting!

  2. =Tamar3:18 PM

    Ooh! Thanks for the information about Kathleen Kinder's book. I must find a way to order that.

  3. Jean we have ''BT Vision'' that supplies phoneline, internet and television. Unfortuneatly, I am not tech-savvy so cannot be really helpful.