Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ok. This is it. I am in a mild anxiety-attack state, but at least should have Greek Helen here tomorrow morning to steady me – if Greece is functioning well enough to send her on her way today. That doesn’t sound at all certain, from this morning’s news. Tomorrow she will be shooting out for her early appt with Archie’s delectable housemaster, but I hope to be able to see her and confer for a steadying half-hour before that.

The House of Bruar emailed yesterday to say that they have dispatched my skirt – the one I ordered recently and had hoped to wear tomorrow. So, do I sit behind the front door all day? What about my bath? Going to get the newspapers? A necessary shopping trip, for  food and insulin?

I’ve decided just to forget it, and carry on. I’ve got skirts. I’ve got a tracking number for this one – yesterday evening, it produced the news that the skirt was in Edinburgh, being processed. This morning it says that it is in Tunbridge Wells, ready to be delivered. (I tried again, typing the tracking number with particular care – same result.) It’s not worth worrying.

Rachel phoned last night, which was slightly steadying. I won’t see her, except for a brief howdy-do if all goes well on Tuesday. Her daughter Hellie, a literary agent, has made a big sale to Penguin. They didn’t email, they didn’t phone – a man came and knocked on Hellie’s door.

Yesterday wasn’t much use. My husband got the bit between his teeth on the subject of a particular box of papers, whose absence is indeed odd. The search was heavy work, paper being what it is, and unproductive. Not much else got done. I did wash my hair, and that may have been a mistake. Dirt was fairly subdued and tidy. I now look like the Witch of Endor.

On the knitting front,  I abandoned the Stephen West shawl, despite your kind and helpful comment, Liz. I’ve frogged it. I feel right about the decision, for what that’s worth. I’ll be back one day, perhaps for something smaller, and in zing-ier colours.

I cast on Milano. That’s not saying how far I’ll get. 366 stitches. I’ve done a couple of rows of k1p1.

I don’t think today’s stress will allow for button-choosing for the BSJ at John Lewis. Nor will I try to write tomorrow. Kristie will keep you posted. My photographs can never match hers, but I will attempt to take a picture of Fair Isle from the window of the airplane as we come in to land.

(The BBC program about the Golden Age of Knitting was a bit of a damp squib, last night. There was a gloriously jerky newsreel, at least, of the Prince of Wales teeing-off in the early 20’s, in which you could just see the Fair Isle jersey peeping out in the v-neck of  his jacket. And the Golden Age of TV Presenters in Ridiculous Sweaters, which we somehow missed out on in real life, was interesting. Kaffe was there, immortal.)


  1. It was indeed good to see Kaffe - showing off his undarned ends!!!!

  2. I agree with you on the Golden Age of Knitting.

  3. Sympathy for the anxiety from a fellow sufferer. I might be speaking out of turn, but have you tried stopping a moment and praying? I also find the prayer "Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner" repeated calming. I'm sure it has a name, but not sure what it is.

    I will also pray for you and I hope you have a wonderful time in Shetland - don't lose sight of what this is all for xxx

  4. rosesmama11:48 AM

    Relax :)! and enjoy your trip! I'll be reading Ann Cleeves and thinking of you.

  5. Oh Jean you made me smile this morning. My Irish grandmother used to say she looked like the witch of Endor and no one ever knew where it came from. (Catholics didnt do much Bible reading.) I stumbled on an old illustration of the tale by happenstance and the mystery was solved. Safe travels!

  6. Yes, The "History of Knitting" somehow made it seem so dull you wondered why anyone would bother. Can that really be right about knitting not being fashionable until that royal Fairisle jumper? When was Schiaperelli - that jumper with the bow?
    Don't forget to check out the independent designers on Shetland - there are signs along the roads - and that's where I saw the most glorious colour combinations.

  7. Anne C5:10 PM

    Have a wonderful adventure! Looking forward to hearing about it on your return.

  8. and I thought I was the only one, who missed out on the picture sweater wearing tv guys... good to know:) safe travelling - and don't worry about missing skirts etc. - I am sure nobody will notice if you wear one of the old ones...

    Bettina (from ireland, were no tv personality has ever worn one of those gruesome sweaters:) at least not one I've seen...

  9. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Have a wonderful trip to Shetland. I hope you come back energized and inspired. - Joe-in Wyoming

  10. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Enjoy your trip! We look forward to the reports.
    LisaRR in Toronto