Monday, September 16, 2013

The knitting of the BSJ is finished. I’m going to have to do some finishing today whether I like it or not. And I’d better start with Relax2, to ensure that it will be completely dry, post-blocking, for the Off on Friday. I have a couple of essential errands in town this week – that will get me up to John Lewis for buttons for the BSJ.

Panic mounts, needless to say. Today is a Mysterious Local Holiday. It won’t make much difference, but one or two things may be delayed, in a week when delay is particularly unwelcome – making an appt for my husband to have his blood re-tested, as a recent test showed “a mild degree of renal impairment”; retrieving a package the PO tried to deliver on Saturday while I was out walking – my husband was having breakfast in his pyjamas and understandably didn’t answer the door.

That’ll be my new skirt and shirt for Shetland. The question of what clothes to take is high on the worry-list. One has learned to travel light (and one needs plenty of space in one’s little suitcase for wool). One will need clothes to protect from the wind. One doesn’t want to stagger around museums in anything too heavy.

I think I need a jacket like Thomas’s in this recent picture, taken on the top of Ben Cruachan. Everybody else in the world has one. I wouldn’t mind a nice stripey one like James’s, either. Both could be worn with layers underneath. Perhaps a search for such things might be added to the Essential Errand list – it’s too late for the internet.

And I think my subscription to Woolgathering has expired. That, at least, can be remedied fairly easily, while sitting down.


  1. Hello Jean
    A waterproof jacket or coat would be my number one priority considering the time of year. Dont worry about the museum aspect, most places have a wardrobe. At the worst you can ask the reception people to keep it for you. Husband and I often do that with our bags when on holiday and there is no locker.
    However, if you do buy something, go for lightweight and roomy.

    Good luck and dont let the logistics chase away the anticipation!

  2. Patience11:55 AM

    Hang tight on the Woolgathering... I just got my latest and last, #89. Went to the Schoolhouse Press site last night and it says they're not taking renewals while they figure out a format change, though they're putting out #89 and #90. I'm calling to find out how not to miss one, I'll report back on what they say.

  3. There are lovely waterproof coats at seasalt cornwall's website. If you rang them I bet they could post today!

  4. I corresponded with Schoolhouse Press a few weeks ago as my Sub for WG ended with 88. They took some money for 89 and 90 and said to watch the website or they will be sending an email (hopefully).

    just got my 89 on Saturday ...

  5. =Tamar1:22 AM

    In my extremely limited experience, anything within 40 miles of the sea involves wet wind. I second the vote for a roomy windbreaker so you can wear a good wool sweater under it. The hood will help hold the hat on and leave room for a scarf if necessary. The season has changed here in MD and I am annoyed at the idea of having to turn on the heat in September.