Friday, October 18, 2013

FOUR new followers -- and one of you was the 200th!

Hat, my new pedometer is an Omron GOsmart, model HJ-112. It comes from the US of A but I think such things are pretty international, these days. It says at the beginning of the booklet that it features advanced 2D Smart Sensor technology, which is superior to the simple pendulum design. I don’t know whether that is nonsense or not, but the machine itself is very confidence-inspiring. It automatically resets itself to 0 at midnight! I only clocked up about 4000 steps yesterday.

Carol Sunday, the temptress, sent me a message about this scarf yesterday. I can have the pattern free, valued customer that I am, if I download it within the next fortnight. However, of course, it’s not just the pattern I want, it’s the kit, it’s those delicious Sunday yarns to prolong the Milano experience.

Apart from the two projects I am laboriously knitting, there’s the Fair Isle vest waiting in the wings, and the urge to start a lace project, and Kate Davies’ Northmavine Hap (I bought the yarn at Jamieson & Smith), and wanting to try out Herzog’s CustomFit – I gather that’s now very near the launch pad. What is one to do?

There was a while, in recent years, when I had things sufficiently under control as only to buy yarn when I could foresee knitting with it. Things are getting out of hand again. Obviously, I could buy and buy when I was in Lerwick, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nor do I regret it -- I want to knit each of those things, right now. 

At any rate, here are the Rams & Yowes, to date. Not very far along, but they’re sweet.

I think, even this late in the game, it might be worth moving them onto a larger-gauge needle.

And the Milano/Relax3  progresses. It’s still about 5” short of the underarm increases. That’s fine. I’m happy to drift on forever.


  1. I have a pedometer similar to yours and it has helped me to move about more. On days when the step count is low I know it was a good knitting day and that is fine with me.

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I was wondering what those cans were doing in the Rams & Yowes photo, but then realized that they're acting as yarn weights to uncurl the fabric so you could take the picture. Is my guess right?

    I too love the Sunday yarns and designs. One of these days I'm going to splash out on a lovely kit. The only trouble is deciding which to get.
    -- stashdragon

  3. GrannyPurple9:00 PM

    Oh, Jean, you are such a temptress when I am 6 weeks into a year of knitting from my stash...