Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today’s excitement is getting to the dr’s office for our flu jabs. The nurse offered to do my husband when he was there recently for some bloods. That would have simplified life considerably. But he said no, so we now have a half-day’s struggle to get back there for an appointment earlier than is entirely comfortable for him.

Leaving little time for blogging. Rams etc. went on well yesterday – the third row of yowes now have their faces, and I should begin on the fourth – and final, for this chart – today.

The heavenly Milano still lacks 8cm of the underarm-increase point.

Comments: Thanks for your help with the shawl-purling problem. I will consult both Mary Thomas and the Heirloom Knitting Ravelry group today. I belong to the Yahoo group, and get their postings by email, and had failed to consider that there would be a Ravelry group, too, larger and more active.

I trust there will be more time for contemplation tomorrow – although Thursday has its promised excitements too, including the arrival of Greek Helen with her two younger sons, late at night.

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  1. Hope things go smoothly for the flu jabs and don't be afraid to ask for the district nurse to come and do them if it's that difficult to get your husband to the surgery. She (we'll make that assumption) could do you too on the same visit, so get two in for one visit.