Sunday, February 16, 2014

Archie got home to Athens safely, only an hour late. It was half-past two by the time he got to bed – but I think (if I've got it the right way around) that that's only half-past midnight in Edinburgh, not too bad for a day with a long wait for a connection, and bad weather.

I'm well advanced with the sixth repeat of the centre of the Unst Bridal Shawl.

And enormously grateful for your suggestions for a Huddling Shawl.

Fishwife, we think alike. I am Carol Sunday's devoted slave, and had already looked on her website. I think I'd probably go for the Sonoma rather than the Pueblo, because it looks as if there's more of it. My link is to the whole list of shawls and scarves, so you can contemplate both.

And Jared! is not loading for me this morning, but here's Girasole in Ravelry, and here's the Hemlock Ring. Both sensational. And the idea of EZ's Stonington and the J&S jumper-weight stash, as suggested by Ron and Judith, is also enormously attractive. World enough and time, that's what I need. The ill'er I feel – and some days recently have been not very good, despite pronouncing myself cured last week – the more important it seems to get the Bridal Shawl finished.

Zite came up with this, this morning – someone who's finished the Effortless, and looks good in it. It took me a moment to remember why the name was familiar – but the answer is that I've bought the pattern, and it's been on my HALFPINT list for a long time. I'll probably never get there.

Here's a recent picture of great-nephew Ted, Theo and Jenni's son. Aren't four months wonderful!

Today is (I think) Septuagesima Sunday. In the olden days, it was the moment when vestments switched to purple and you knew Lent was coming. I read about it in an old missal the other day and found the explanation next to unintelligible. They were right to drop it. I miss the warning that Lent is near, but in fact pay more attention now that I've got to work it out for myself.


  1. I am relieved to hear the traveller arrived safely!

  2. I think I'm one of your new followers! I found you through 'Knitsofacto'. I see that you are in Edinburgh (I'm further down the East Coast near North Berwick). Have you tried that new wool shop at Bruntsfield yet? The name escapes me now but will get back to you when/if I remember.I love everything Jared Flood does. Lovely bonnie baby.

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Hemlock ring, Sonoma and Stonington have long been on my to choose?


  4. Jean, it is totally mindless knitting, but the stole in Wearwithall is a great thing for huddling. I made one in fingering alpaca and I huddled in it just last night while trying to figure out how I could have made such an elementary mistake that I needed to rip out nearly and entire hat. Reading while knitting isn't even to blame.

  5. Lace knitting is very addictive, isn't it. Your picture the other day was lovely, and I can see why this project ends up being the one in your hands during knitting time. I hope you can get back to the Milano soon, however.

    Another possibility for a shawl would be one of Myrna Stahman's Faroese style shawls, knit in a worsted weight yarn. It would knit up pretty quickly, and I find her designs to be very unboring while on the needles. I also love the way these shawls sit on the shoulders.

  6. Brooklyn Tweed has a new website...