Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Shrove Tuesday


I saw a dr at the end of yesterday afternoon, setting off as cheerfully as to the gallows because I believed I would be sent straight to hospital. Alexander and Ketki, thinking along the same lines, had splendidly offered to entertain my husband. They will be rewarded in heaven.

The dr does think that the trouble is my heart (and I haven't forgotten, =Tamar, that you said that at the beginning). I was slightly surprised that he couldn't just listen to it and know everything, but apparently not (although he did listen). He has prescribed a diuretic and aspirin and one of those sprays we have heard about which you spray under your tongue in a crisis to dilate the coronary arteries. I am to present myself at the Western Infirmary for an ECG and a chest x-ray -- I've got a chit but no appt; that should yield some good knitting time. And then see the dr again next week.

It wasn't the nice young man I had been seeing so far, but it was someone I knew (and like) because my husband has consulted him.

And I am here, a free woman, not in hospital! I shall spend the day floating happily in my pre-Lenten cider and cooking nice things and then maybe devote Ash Wednesday to the Western Infirmary.

This ought to mean that I never again have to do anything I don't want to do, but I doubt if it will work out that way.


I got the second Pakokku sock cast on yesterday, while waiting to see the dr. Waiting times aren't what they used to be, and these socks are not progressing very briskly.

And in the evening, I got the stitches picked up for the second Milano sleeve, a job I don't enjoy. Obviously, for a second sleeve, there's no leeway at all on the number. However, I got it done. The sleeve itself should go fast, now that I know, from the first sleeve, exactly how far I've got to go. It may have taken me a long time to get back to, and I may grumble at being deprived of lace, but I love it:


There was a considerable satisfaction, the other evening as we watched the television news, at seeing Russian soldiers in Crimea wearing balaclavas. That's where Balaclava is, in Crimea.

Lent: Knitlass, your husband should be persuaded that the Sundays don't count, if he just counts the days. From tomorrow until the day before Easter, inclusive, there are 46 days. Lent is based on the 40 days Our Lord spent in the wilderness. The extra six are the Sundays, which don't count as Lent.


  1. So glad your health has been seen to and hopefully there will a happy solution to your problems.
    Love the Milano. The colours are stunning and I look forward to the photos of you wearing it soon.

  2. Milano looks gorgeous, now that we can see so much of it.
    Sorry that it turns out to be your heart - you know my e-mail address if you want to talk to a lay person who has been living with that problem for seventeen years. Sending virtual hugs, or, whatever you would prefer.

  3. GrannyPurple11:29 AM

    The milano/relax is simply gorgeous. Wear it in the best of health!

  4. Glad to hear health matters are in hand. I wondered this morning, whether your husband's crossness was a symptom of worry about you and your health (and what might happen to him)?

    Knitting is good medicine, no? Your Milano looks gorgeous - looking forward to seeing you model it soon.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Glad you were able to see a doctor!
    Those Milano colours are very restorative. So close to finishing that sweater which will be fun for you to wear.
    Enjoy your pancakes if that takes your fancy (I heard of special pre-Lent cream puffs in Iceland!).

  6. The sweater is stunning. Glad you got to the doctor and things are being done for you.
    Ron in Mexico

  7. I feel so hungry for color - that Milano looks delicious. So happy to hear you got more than a brush off at the MD. I'll raise a cider (some day the good stuff) to your good health.

  8. I'm relieved you were able to see the doctor yesterday, and that he is sending you for further tests to determine the source of the problem.

    Only a knitter would find a reason to be a bit unhappy about reduced waiting times. :-)

  9. Very glad to hear you are a free woman, with a plan to stay that way! Good that you like the doctor, that is a plus.

    I do hope you get to do nothing that you don't want to for at least a day. That would be a treat.

  10. It is encouraging that things are moving along at last, so you might get some relief from the symptons.
    That sweater looks lovely.

  11. =Tamar7:33 PM

    Both glad and sad - glad you are getting the attention you need, sad that it's needed. The sweater is beautiful. Will the second sleeve match the first, or is it going to be fraternal?

  12. Adding my wishes for a swift siaagnosis and swifter recovery. Thinking of you today.

  13. Anne C.7:51 PM

    I'm chiming in to agree with everyone else who wants you to take care of yourself. It's no good when the caretaker forgets to care for herself.
    (I've been a follower of yours since way back in the Knitlist days...I remember the scarf you made for your son to present when he met the Dalai Lama)