Friday, March 21, 2014

Yesterday was another good one on the accounts front – goodness! what a mess I had let things get into! – and knitting didn't go too badly, either. I am now well advanced with the last full repeat of the centre of the Unst Bridal Shawl. Stitch numbers kept coming out wrong last night, I can't imagine why. There would be too few to get the pattern into, or sometimes too many. I don't think any real harm has been done, but it wouldn't pass muster on Unst.


Knitlass, I heard that early-morning weather forecast too – about the wind on Blackford Hill.

Foggy Knitter, this is exciting news indeed, that Arne and Carlos are doing a book with sweaters. |I have pre-ordered it: why not? Something to look forward to. Many, many thanks. I think I'm going to have to get Elizabeth David's “An Omelette and a Glass of Wine”, too.

Green Mountain Girl, I didn't know about Hodmedods – that's one to watch. Thank you. At the moment, we are still recovering from Helen's visit, but I think it's time to put some chick peas on to soak.

Linda, I could contemplate purling the alternate rounds of the borders of the Bridal Shawl in order to achieve garter stitch in the round – if they were all plain vanilla. It's Sharon Miller's preferred technique. Many of the wrong-side rows would be straightforward purling, but many others wouldn't, and I'm hesitant about my capacity to do lace knitting from behind, so to speak. (I like your Lenten project.)

Shandy, no, I didn't know about Lucy Hague, and I am very impressed. Wonderful Celtic knots, and I like the Glasgow Rose shawl a lot, too. [Follow the link to Shandy's blog for a stunningly beautiful Aran throw incorporating a Lucy Hague design, among others.]


There are two real-world narratives to update you on, but I've run out of time. Our niece who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of last year, has now embarked on the dreaded chemotherapy. One down, five to go. She spent last week in hospital with an infection, but should be home by now.

And our session last Friday with the high-heid-yins from London went well. They were extremely complimentary about my husband's work. It's got to be somewhat shortened – we knew that. They are about to send us a sample, but, like my appt with cardiology, it hasn't turned up yet.


  1. Alexis12:05 PM

    Thank you for the link to Lucy Hague. Her Celtic knot shawls were a revelation for me. I'd only ever thought of shawls in terms of lace....I may like these even more!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment. I seem to have been stuck in a groove with those throws, but the Lucy Hague pattern was a real find.