Thursday, June 12, 2014

I've started on round 126 of the borders of the Unst Bridal Shawl – another little landmark: after this round there are only 10 to go. The final, easy half-motif will start in 127.


Ellen, I meant to get the first scarf book out when I read your comment, and look up that other Kathryn Alexander scarf. I forgot, but will certainly do it today. (It's in the bedroom, where my husband is still asleep.) I am tempted by your suggestion of doing a colour a week and finishing by Christmas, except that I feel I need every ounce of strength and every second of time, to finish the Unst shawl.

Shandy, I did a salad with my Waitrose ten-bean mixture. I can't remember where I got the recipe. Bits of celery and grated carrot were involved, and a pretty straight up and down oil and vinegar dressing. My bean phase began earlier this year when Archie was here for lunch and I gave him tuna with beans (tune and beans go well together). I had soaked and cooked the beans, I remember, instead of just opening a tin. But where is the recipe? Archie was delighted with it.

Other non-knit

Lizzie phoned yesterday – from Streatham! She's safely back from her year in the US, and now has a week or so to rest before going to work at Wimbledon, that great source of emergency income for the young of south London. She flew back from Vancouver in an antique Virgin plane. Some really old planes, I told her, still have little ashtrays in the armrests. “Yes!” she said. “We didn't know what they were.”

I am making a big push (still, or perhaps more accurately, again) to get my accounts in order. I had a thoroughly unnerving experience yesterday on the old computer with that old copy of Quicken, when I was trying to reconcile a bank statement and couldn't do it and struggled and finally grasped that Quicken wasn't adding the numbers properly. It was as if the Ardle flowed in the wrong direction – quite against nature. I'll try again today. Maybe I need to give up computerised account-keeping.


  1. There was something in our house stamped 'not for use as an ashtray' and my goddaughter who was about 9 asked what an ashtray was. Changing over or updating computerized systems can be challenging. Each year at tax time I swear I'm going to set up a new method, but never do. Hope it was just a hiccup in the system.

  2. Ellen1:43 PM

    Yes, but you have only 10 rounds to go, and what will you do in July? Plenty of time to do one color a week and still finish the baby blanket.
    Old computers tend to totally die when you are least ready for it (just like people I'm afraid). I think this is one of those times when you need to enlist one of your children to help you transfer the accounts to a new Quicken on the new computer...they will thnak you for leaving your affairs in order, and it would avoid the total disaster that you know is coming! (I'm afraid I am always the scold)

  3. might be worth looking into for money keeping track of stuffs. It was suggested to me a while back (a ADD friend started using it to keep track of money after his divorce while he was learning how to be a responsible adult with money and how to manage his impulse control issues). I haven't gotten up the nerve to really set it up yet, but it's on the list.

    And yay for almost being done with the shawl! Can't wait to see how lovely it is!