Friday, June 20, 2014

Somebody once said that a week is a long time in politics. So also in knitting, and doorstep-vegetable growing.

I am nearly finished with round 135 – the last pattern round of the borders of the Unst Bridal Shawl. There follow seven rounds of plain garter stitch, nearly a week's work with this many stitches but at least the end is in sight. Then the edging. I still think I'll try knitting it on, despite the fact that I have already knitted one. And, for once, it's not a do-or-die decision. If I don't like knitting-on, after a few repeats, I can double back and try grafting the already-knit edging after all.

Sharon would have one slip stitches until one reaches the precise centre of one of the borders, and start knittng thr edging on from there. I am sure that, whatever I do, it won't come out completely right, and also sure that, with thousands of tiny stitches, a bit of fudging at the end won't be conspicuous.

We have had a few days of what passes for warm weather in Edinburgh, and the doorstep vegetables have responded with enthusiasm. Especially the peas, which are now in flower and threatening to overwhelm the courgette in theit midst. Carrots, beetroot, lettuce also doing well.

We had a nice time with Archie – I'll post a picture soon. My husband is endlessly disagreeable to him. I fear he may not want to come any more. We'll see him briefly next week – he'll stay overnight next Wednesday, and I'll drive him to the airport, Athens-bound, on Thursday. I enjoy that a lot.

Today the school is taking him to the Royal Highland Show. He expects something like the Strathardle Gathering, writ large – he's more or less right. I have asked him to take snapshots of the fine lace knitting. We went once or twice (I can't remember which) in our sprightlier days. Then, much of the lace knitting was based on Amedro's patterns. By now, I am sure Sharon has opened the doors of design to everyone.

And – howzzat??

Hellie says that the author of Eeny Meeny has signed a nice contract with Penguin US and that the above ad will be in the London subway next month, The book hasn't reappeared on any best-seller list I have seen, however, since that happy day at No 5 in the Sunday Times.


  1. Hi Jean. In St Albans the other day I noticed that Arlidge was flagged up as a local writer outside one of the bookshops. I did think the book fitted the description "penny dreadful" pretty well, although if it had been in Danish with sub-titles I would not have been surprised.

  2. When I was young my grandfather was a grumpy ol' man, sort of like your husband I imagine. I still loved going to visit and stay with my grandma, we just stayed out of Grandpa's way as much as possible!

  3. Kimberly S.6:40 PM

    Technically isn't kill OR be killed two ways out and not only one way out? You could be out if you kill or out if you are killed. Somewhat worrisome that a publishing house didn't catch this error in their advertisement. It's like the time the employee of W.H. Smith (also at King's Cross/St. Pancreas) insisted that "Lady Chatterley's Lover" was kept under the New Releases section, despite my suggestion that author Lawrence was long since deceased and the novel was not new.

  4. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Jean, what seems to be the issue with your husband and Archie? Is he as disagreeable to the other grandchildren? - Kate