Sunday, May 31, 2015


Not much news. Little C, the equestrienne, is still in a lot of pain. Her mother suspects a certain amount of kick-back from the painkillers, as well. She'll phone the GP and ask for a visit first thing tomorrow.

My husband was crosser and more miserable than ever yesterday, which may mean that he is recovering from his infections. I will try to arrange interviews tomorrow both with his consultant (who proved unavailable on Friday) and with the Elderly Medicine drs who are now on his case. One thing we can be sure of is that the NHS is as keen to get rid of him as he of it. If they are not discharging him, they've got their reasons. And grim as this half-life is for me, I'm grateful that they're hanging on to him.

One bit of seriously good news: Archie, who is finishing off his exams this week (with Higher Spanish, I think), will then, next week, be doing some sort of unpaid toil somewhere in Edinburgh – and he wants to come here!

If my husband is home by then, Archie is strong enough to help with night-time nursing if needed. We'll employ some sort of help during the day. Better yet, Archie knows better, I think, than anyone else in the family except me, how very disagreeable my husband can be. Well, lots of them know, but Archie has experienced it recently. And he still wants to come!

Presumably because of our blindingly fast download speeds. Never mind. And if my husband isn't here, it'll be fun to have someone to cook for.


Jean, thank you for yesterday's comment. I didn't know about the convention of the umpire holding the bowler's sweater, and am glad to add it to my limited store of cricket lore. The letter I quoted from the Telegraph the other day was illustrated with a picture of Flintoff tossing his sweater to the umpire in, I believe, 2006.

We had a dear friend in Birmingham who knew more than anyone else ever about that mysterious game. We were his guests at Edgbaston the day Brian Lara was 501 not out. The really weird thing about that day (from an American point of view) was that there was not the slightest hope at any point that either team could win. For Warwickshire (for whom Lara played) to have had a prospect of victory, they would have had to declare at the end of the previous day's play.


On with the Fantoosh. I've finished the ten-lozenge rank of lozenges and have embarked on the next one. Should I just go on? But, as you can see from the sidebar, there's a long way to go. I'm calculating the percentages from the fact that there are 156 lozenges to knit – overlooking the facts that there is a top edging and blocking to follow.

Still, for the stressful moment, on is where I will go.


Last night and the night before, I watched my favourite Coen Bros film, “A Serious Man”. It only gets better with repetition. It is the Book of Job, recast for our days.  


  1. I've started Fantoosh also. Started once with one yarn on a size smaller needle, but didn't like the fabric. Went all over town trying to find a size 5 circular needle as almost every shop in town was sold out. Finally found a needle but also happened on some rose-colored alpaca/silk lace weight that I love knitted up. I am only to row 24 on the restart but hope to move along quickly. Of course have another shawl almost done (just working on the edging) and another that is a mystery knit that starts in June. I am going to have to start alternating them to get them done. You are a bad influence! :)

  2. skeindalous2:06 PM

    If you have pleasure from Fantoosh.....knit on with confidence and hope! Sometimes it is soothing to follow one project one day after another..............

  3. I have an incredible amount of respect for your grandson, Jean. It has been a delight to read about him on your blog, going way back to when the school in Edinburgh was first being considered. I don't think it's your fast internet connection that appeals to him, nearly as much as him being able to spend time with you.

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Archie sounds like such a lovely young man. You & his parents deserve to be very proud of yourselves for your part in his development.

    I hope they discharge your husband to a rehab facility. He will be much too weak to come straight home, even with help.

    Beverly in NJ

  5. Wonderful news about Archie! It'll be so good to have some company whether your husband is home or not.
    And thank you for mentioning "A Serious Man." I think I've seen every Coen Bros film but that one. I'll watch it asap!

  6. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I wanted to chime in on Archie also, what a sweetie. (Having younger grandchildren, 4 under 11, I read ALL those snippets with interest - your family is a credit to their upbringing, and a very interesting and accomplished lot.)
    Beverly near Yosemite - Hi, other Beverly!

  7. Ellen5:34 PM

    It is a tribute to you that Archie wants to do this. We involve our children quite a bit in the care of their grandparents when that time came and it was a meaningful experience for them all. What a fine man he is growing up to be.

  8. My mother (Jean from Cornwall) and I have often said what a credit to you your children and grandchildren are. She is rather under the weather herself at the moment, but I gather the hospital has wifi, and she has her netbook.

    Meanwhile, all this talk of cricket jumpers has had me combing through my books and magazines in search of same in suitable sizes for either or both of my offspring.

  9. glad to read that Archie is coming to stay whether to help or not. ... repeat the other comments about his upbringing!

    sorry to read about Jean from Cornwall and her hospital stay. sending good wishes for speedy recovery

  10. JeanAB3:38 AM

    Your Archie is quite a gem.

  11. So happy to hear Archie will be with you....a helping hand and a breath of fresh air!

  12. Prayers for your husband and for you!
    I'm glad your Archie will be there. He'll cheer you.

  13. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Yes, so glad to hear you'l have Archie with you, as both help and general delight.
    - Beth in Ontario

  14. Glad Archie will be there to help!
    Also, it is totally your fault that I took advantage of Craftsy's Memorial Day sale to sign up for an Estonian Lace class, a Anne Hanson sweater knitting class, another two lace classes, and the Shetland Hap shawl class/kit. So thank you!
    May things continue to improve and the knitting continue to be stress-relieving and enjoyable!
    (ps, I'm Melfina the Blue there (as most places) if there is some sort of friends list or thingy)

  15. I hope that all is well and you are able to post soon. You are in my prayers and thoughts.