Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We stagger on. And, indeed, thanks largely to Greek Helen and Ketki, much progress is being made about putting together a private care package. If we wait until the NHS does it, my husband might have to stay in hospital for further weeks. Someone called Angela from a nursing agency is coming to assess him this afternoon, during visiting hours while I am there. Someone else on Thursday.

Visiting remains harrowing. Alexander and Ketki came over from Loch Fyne yesterday. Alexander found it tough going, I think, and he had seen his father only the week before during his first incarceration.


Old Maiden Aunt rivals the Cheshire Cat – or do I mean the White Queen? Jam yesterday and jam tomorrow. I've been to the website regularly, and both last night and this morning have found stock available in several more-than-acceptable colourways. But, each time, only one skein.

I went back to Kate's original blog post on the subject of the Fantoosh. Maybe one would be enough? I could knit the smaller version? But no, that won't do. I want two skeins. I want envelopment.

A bit of knitting has been going on here, not as much as you might think given the amount of (theoretical) free time. One of you wrote to me the other day about problems with the Tokyo shawl (which everybody else, at least on Ravelry, seems to regard as “mindless”; I was glad to find a friend in misery). And I do believe that in trying to think it through with her, I may have made some discoveries which will make it easier for myself.

I'm nearly halfway through, according to the pattern. You would, indeed, think I might have mastered it by now. One of the Ravelry knitters said she had yarn left over and so decided to lengthen the shawl, and was glad she did. Sounds sensible, and I will remember.


I also log on regularly to Gumtree, looking for kittens. No luck yet.

I think I have come to believe, these last few days, that if I were going to be hanged at 2 p.m. I would find the clock moving towards that moment astonishingly slowly. Whereas one might have expected the opposite. I hope the hypothesis will never be put to the test. I was horrified to learn the other day that Massachusetts – Massachusetts – still has the death penalty.

(If any of you needs persuading on the subject, read Brendan Behan's play The Quare Fellow.)


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Jean - I am sorry for your recent travails and happy to read that help seems to be on the way soon, for all your sakes. - As a resident of Massachusetts, I just want to correct one fact about the death penalty: the state does not have a death penalty but the federal government does. Tsarnaev was tried in a federal court, which sentenced him to death. The sentence would have to be carried out in Indiana. Also, the “jury of peers” had to agree as part of the selection process that they would be open to a death penalty (“death-eligible” seems to be the term of art for that in legal circles), so that already made the jury a non-representative selection of Massachusetts residents. Many in the state are not happy with the penalty meted out. - A small corrective on a point of local importance here, offered in the spirit of Truth and perhaps a slight distraction from your more pressing daily matters. - Take care, CKP

  2. If you can afford it, then I think going privately is a sensible option, as you can decide how much and when you need the help.

    I hope you all manage to find an agreeable arrangement, which still leaves you time to do things for yourself.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Continuing to send supportive thoughts your way. Agree with you on Fantoosh - only the "enveloping" version makes sense with something so gorgeous. Plenty of other skimpy shawl patterns around.
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. Knitting is calming. I echo Knitlass's comments above.

  5. Anonymous is correct. I, too, am a Massachusetts resident, quite unhappy about the death penalty verdict. Surprisingly (to me) Connecticut *does* have the death penalty, and 2005 used it for the first time in New England in 50 years to put a serial killer to death. The last big Commonwealth case around here was Aaron Hernandez, and he was put away for life without any chance for parole, which seems like a fairly awful punishment in my mind without the state getting involved in the murder business. But let's change the subject: I hope all goes well with your private care. I'm caring for a seriously ill family member and it's grueling, so you have my sympathies.

  6. Good luck with the private nursing arrangements. will the NHS kick in at some point in the future? can you do private care until that point? sending energy and luck your way!

    my knitting has stopped for awhile.. however i am enervated by your shawl knitting and may perchance pick up my ufo shawl...

  7. skeindalous3:48 PM

    Massachusetts does not have the death penalty. The recent notorious trial was a federal case. The feds have the death penalty. Regardless of your views on such, we, and the victims and their families, willnow be subjected to years and years of appeals and further news coverage.

    Old Maiden Aunt will accept special orders for dyeing. There is a tab somewhere tha you can ask. Bet it would be worth it!

  8. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I too have sudden, major health issues which mean that almost overnight I have found myself quite seriously disabled, I am also a Western General patient. While there were some delays in getting a care package put together (mostly of the administrative variety and no reflection on the front line workers) some tenacity on my part and enrolling my GP to assist worked wonders. Don't give up on the NHS. The help is there and what is available is remarkable.


  9. I am only echoing every one else - that things are settled in a way to help you and your husband and the rest of the family. Along with a kitten and new yarn.