Saturday, July 09, 2016

Yesterday was another tough one domestically.

I saw a fair amount of tennis, however. I’m sad about Federer. I’m glad that Murray won in straight sets. 

He’ll never have a better chance to win Wimbledon. He must be at least as aware of that fact as I am this morning.  This will be his 11th Grand Slam final – that’s quite a few; and the first in which it won’t be either Djokovic or Federer on the other side of the net. Wawrinka, the 4th seed, was another faller in an early round. If all had gone according to seeding, Djokovic would have played Federer yesterday, I think; and Murray, Wawrinka.

Poor Mr Djokovic is probably a delightful young man – but we’ve all had a lot more fun in his absence.

I sat and knit fairly late last night, winding down from a stressful day. The second corner of Gudrun’s Hansel shawl is at last in sight: four more edging points will see me there.


  1. Murray has a good chance of an "easy" win and that worries me.
    Sorry the domestic trials are so gritty at the moment.

  2. It won't be "easy" over that cheerful and energetic young man, and I'm sure Murray won't take him for granted. He should win -- "but he's Scottish," as my young butcher remarked this morning.

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Hansel knitting sounds very restorative.
    Glad it is so much fun.

  4. Restorative knitting is a good Rx for us all these days. I hope today is smoother on the nursing front.

  5. I'm sorry things are so difficult on the nursing front. You must feel exhausted having had several bad days in a row. The Hansel Hap is the perfect thing to be knitting right now from the sounds of it.

    Raonic is the first Canadian ever to make it to a Grand Slam men's final. Our sporting news tends to revolve around ice hockey, so this has made for a pleasant change.

  6. After a tough day as a care giver, isn't it nice to sit up late in a quiet house and do something for yourself? I remember having a somewhat guilty feeling about those moments they were so nice. My fingers are crossed for Murray, which is hard to do while knitting.

  7. The tough days seem to have been going on for some time now. I do hope that you are able to get out of the house and away from the constant demands. ( I found that image of the peace of the care home just too poignant. Be careful what you wish for, Jean)

    On a different note, have you noticed the Paradise Apples shawl on Ravelry? That would take your mind off just about anything.