Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It’s a really rotten day – grey, cold, sodden.

Helen should have reached home a couple of hours ago, f her mosaic week in Chicago.

My major activity yesterday and today has been applying for a new passport, essential to our tentative plan of driving from Thessaloniki to Edinburgh later in the year. It wasn’t really so difficult – I’ve got the old one; I haven’t changed my name; getting an American-style picture taken wasn’t as tricky as I anticipated. Now I’m waiting for the courier specified by the Embassy to collect the envelope and take it to London.

I knit stoutly onwards with the Northmavine Hap. I suspect I’ve got a few more stitches than I should. How could that happen? I’ll face up to a count when the fourth – the penultimate – full repeat is finished, which should happen today.


Thank you for the temptation to embark on Carol Sunday’s Pueblo Shawl, Chloe (comment yesterday). Do we buy too much yarn in the misplaced hope that we are somehow buying the time needed to knit it?

I have subscribed to the British magazine “Knitting” since the first issue without ever being greatly tempted to knit anything. But the little girl’s dress from Bergere de France in the July issue may be the pattern that breaks the mould – for a great-granddaughter next summer?

(We’ve already had the August issue – it’s no wonder one gets confused.)

Wimbledon next week!


  1. Little things like that seem to fly off the needles, and so much fun to choose colors. I've admired that Carol Sunday shawl, I'm sure I'll never make one, but they are lovely looking.

  2. Having read all the references to Carol Sunday and the Pueblo Shawl, I decided to look her up on Ravelry. I paged through her designs, thinking I must remember her - these look lovely. Then I came upon Poem River, my favorite ever scarf that I've knit. I love that it is totally reversible, and looks like stockinette, even though it is garter stitch. If you want a more obtainable finished object by Carol, I heartily recommend Poem River.

  3. Anonymous5:02 PM

    "Do we buy too much yarn in the misplaced hope that we are somehow buying the time needed to knit it?"

    Thank you - I believe you have explained my behavior of recent years.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  4. I hope you're alright jean and not too lonely. I really hope Perdita is a good comfort to you..
    Jenny xoxo

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