Thursday, October 25, 2018

Safely home. I’m sorry for the delay — no sooner had we set foot on British soil than both Archie and I were flattened by a severe diarrhoea. I think I’m beginning to pull out of it, but I have very regretfully decided not to go down to London tomorrow for the latest great-granddaughter's christening.  Archie blames a grotty cafe where we had lunch last Thursday. I blame Air France and the “beef stew” we both ate Catania-Paris on Saturday. At the cafe, he had pasta and I picked at a salad. Occam’s Razor, a favourite principle of mine, would suggest Air France. It was the only time we ate the same thing. 

All went pretty well in Italy. I’ll try to put together an account for you, with some pictures. I was right to be  scared in advance, though. I am not strong enough for such an adventure. Archie’s patience and strength saw us through. I fell badly in Reggio Calabria — whither we had gone to see the Riace bronzes — and got away with scrapes and bruises and broken glasses, no broken bones. A miracle.

I hope to be back here very soon.


  1. So glad your home safely. Was really good to have Archie with you. You must be a little sore from the Fall. Surprised and happy you didn't break any bones. A few people I know that travel have gotten that severe Diarrhoea. They weren't sure how they got it. Take time and rest up good!!

    1. It’s great to be back in touch. I am equally surprised and happy that the fall did no more damage than it did. A lens flew out of my spectacles. It’s plastic, and deeply scratched, but unbroken. An optician, casually encountered the next day, re-attached it, tightened screws, and took no money.

  2. So happy you are back and recovering. I do miss seeing you, and I sure your family will miss seeing you in London.AT least you will have an excuse for another trip to visit the baby.

  3. Very relieved to have you back safely. Thank you Archie!

  4. Welcome back Jean. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures and/or misadventures.

  5. Whew! I was starting to worry! I'll patiently wait for the travel report now that I know you are back in one piece.
    Knit on!

  6. Anonymous1:30 AM

    So glad to hear from you - please rest up and feel better very soon.
    Very sorry you fell in Italy. But you did get back to Italy.
    Your readers look forward to your photos when you can get around to it.
    keep well

  7. I start my day with your blog, and I missed you! And I was beginiing to worry, too. So I am glad to hear that you are back safely and hope you will recover completely from your fall and the diarrhoea.

  8. Welcome back!
    Anna (Ap Tps) in Toronto

  9. Very good to hear that you are back and still in one piece. Falls are always frightening experiences.

  10. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Jean, wrote yesterday, but apparently Comment did not get through. Very happy to see you safe and sound and sorry about your misadventures. Glad to have you back. Chloe

  11. Broken glasses are my nightmare while traveling as I see so poorly without them. I bring an older pair with me as insurance.
    And scrapes, bruises and intestinal upsets - oh dear! I too suspect the beef stew.
    I send good wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing details about your adventures.

  12. Congratulations on completing your trip. We know you were tenuous about it, but you did it. I fell on cobbles when I was in Dresden with my daughter and I was in my 50’s.
    How wonderful that Archie is so willing to go at your pace. My daughter was in India with my husband and said she’d never go on a trip with him again. My husband and I went to an awards ceremony together last week and by the time we got there I never wanted to go anywhere with him. Archie gets many gold stars.

  13. Welcome home, Jean. Good to have you back, still more or less in one piece. What a nuisance broken glasses are, but better broken glasses than broken you! Rest up and regain your strength.

  14. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Very glad you are back, but so sorry about the fall & illness. Hope you got to see what you wanted to.

    Beverly in NJ

  15. =Tamar11:40 PM

    I'm relieved that you are not badly hurt by the fall. Archie sounds like the perfect traveling companion. I agree, it was probably the beef stew, as airport food is notorious...unless you both touched something in the cafe - a door handle, perhaps? It may even have been the kind of 'local bug' that doesn't bother the locals, only visitors. I swear by Imodium for travel, though if you can stand it at home, it's probably best to let it out.
    The mosaic looks wonderful. Shame about the crowds,but the locals have to make money somehow.