Tuesday, October 02, 2018

We’re moving forward. I bought a new printer. Archie has installed it, up to a point. I can print from the iPad, and celebrated by printing the Foldlines pattern, most beautifully, and our Italian railway tickets. But I can’t yet print from this laptop around which life is based; and there are other confusions related to my wireless network. And there’s lots more Italian-holiday stuff to be printed.

Perhaps Archie and I can return to the problem tomorrow. Today was largely devoted to a most delightful lunch with Maureen – almost as good as going to Shetland Wool Week myself. It is wonderful how the knitting community seems like a village. We talked about the big names – Beth Brown-Reinsel, Amy Detjen, Meg, Carol Christiansen – as though they were all old friends instead of (in my case, at least) rather distant acquaintances at best.

And I hope I have been indeed inspired to resume the Calcutta Cup vest. Even Shetland must be impressed with Maureen’s knitting. She was wearing a Fair Isle vest of her own, and it was wonderful.

My sister and brother-in-law are successfully here and tonight, presumably, successfully in Glasgow.

And tonight I am looking forward to the BBC programme about the near-collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and with it the British financial system, ten years ago. We had – still have – shares in the bank. It was a share for widows-and-orphans within recent memory, and its fall took with it a nice share of our income. It is nice to reflect, at least, that I can walk around Edinburgh and look people in the eye (not that I know anyone), and Fred Goodwin can't. He's a lot richer, though, and probably doesn't even spend it on knitting wool.