Saturday, November 09, 2019

I perhaps felt slightly stronger today – or maybe it was just the happy sensation that no one will ask anything of me in the way of exercise or Italian verbs for fully five days. C. is away so I won’t even be going to Mass tomorrow.

The Dathan moves forward. My aim in life is to finish at least one four-row increase-repeat every day, adding 10 stitches. So far, that’s easy. I’ve done it already today, and more, and have hopes for some television this evening. How often I say that, how rarely achieve! I'm currently at about 330 stitches. 

I’m pretty sure by now that I’m going to have lots of Uradale yarn left over. I’ll have to knit those Milarrochy Heids, as mentioned yesterday. I am much taken with the one called “Every Flavour” on page 70 – especially now that I have figured out what a Double Stitch is. The instructions for it are part of those for German short rows at the end.


The mysterious Elena Ferrante has published a new book. Her Italian is very simple and straightforward, but somehow it has never captured me. Today I bought the new one. My simple plan is to read a couple of pages every day, in the hopes of being captured, while meanwhile pressing on with what I am actually reading. “The Last Chronicle of Barset” is hotting up towards the end.

Rest of Life

I baked a potato last night, and ate it mashed up with yoghurt and butter and some shards of fried bacon and re-installed in the crispy skins. Unspeakably delicious! I must do it more often.


  1. I have eyed that particular hat, as well. It is a little different and uses bits and pieces of leftover yarn. I haven't managed Elena Ferrante in English, I started one, but put it aside then had to return the library. The baked potato restuffed sounds perfect on a cold night.

  2. Yes! To the dressed-up baked potato for dinner. I like it with some tzatziki, or grated cheddar.

  3. The description of your potato made my mouth water.

  4. =Tamar2:15 PM

    Stuffed potatoes were one of the better food inventions. A good day of knitting is a good day all around, I feel.

  5. I always have potatoes in hand. I cook mine in the microwave and they are perfection. So many toppings one can do. Salmon chicken tuna and all kinds of cheeses as well as veggies.