Wednesday, September 08, 2021


I will have to re-name this blog JeansDecliningHealth.


Today is James’s 60th birthday. We’re all feeling a bit solemn. That leaves only Helen.


I was very grateful for your suggestions. Kirsten, yours came in first and reminded me of how much I love ice cubes. I made some – I don’t have one of those wonderful modern refrigerators which spews them out at the touch of a button – put a couple in a glass, added a couple of slices of lemon, filled with water. Perfect. I don’t even need to replace the lemon when I refill the glass with water and ice.


And, Tamar, yes – Kefir! I bought some, years ago now, from a place called Chuckling Goat. It was delicious – tangier and more interesting than supermarket kefir. I haven’t gone on ordering it from them because it is so expensive, but I thought that this was an occasion which justified it. It should arrive on Friday if not tomorrow.


Helen came this morning. She has diagnosed malnutrition and has left me a little notebook in which to record what I eat.


Neither Daniela nor Archie can come tomorrow. I am expecting s substantial order from Cook. They make better-than-supermarket frozen meals. So I had to clean out the freezer drawers for myself, discarding everything un-identifiable and everything too old even by my relaxed standards. I think I’ve made enough room.


But I don’t feel well and have spent much of the day in bed.


  1. =Tamar7:02 PM

    Chuckling Goat - was it goat's milk kefir? That sounds tasty. I may have to investigate my local health food store. Though my preferred grocery store has an 'organic' section, and they had single-serving bottles of kefir, I guess for kids to take to school.
    Autumn sometimes gets me down a bit. I think I have a tiny touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Remember to turn the lights on!

  2. We love Cook meals. My friend, only 70, told me she wasn't eating properly and couldn't be bothered, and is now buying Cook meals and feeling better. If the portion is too big, just eat what you want! 'Expensive' isn't the point at the moment; Buy the chuckling goat - it is better for you eat than save money... so glad you are taking action, and hope you feel better soon. Ps was recommended epistolary novel 'Business as usual' by Jane Oliver Young girl filling in a year working in London in 1930s. Light and lively, reminds me of Diary of a Provincial Lady.

  3. I drink kefir every morning. It keeps me (excuse the TMI) regular. The brand I use, Lifeway, comes plain or flavored and I get mango every time. I think Helen is right and you need better food and more of it! Best of luck; we need you to keep on writing to us.

  4. This year my annual summer undertaking of a classic novel on audiobook is Don Quixote. There is a frequent mention and concern of of his lack of energy due to not eating. So, unless you have to fast while you keep vigil over your armour, chow down

  5. Anonymous12:09 AM

    If you find kefir helps your appetite and nutrition, it is not difficult to obtain a culture and keep your own kefir plant. You might like to enquire at health food places - or if all else fails there is Ebay. It is not too difficult to 'grow.' The important thing is not to use metal utensils.

    Maybe you'd like to give it a go?

    Helen (anon)