Sunday, June 09, 2024

 A languid day, rather welcome. I slipped getting into bed last night and slid gracefully to the floor, supported by my carer. No harm done, except that I was on the floor. After a certain amount of faffing about, I  sent her down to the flat below. Our neighbour came up and hoisted me fairly easily into bed.

   No harm done, as I say, but I have felt a bit shaken and stirred today. Sunny and cold again. 

   Kate Davies’ club produced an interesting essay about Allingham today, by Julia Jones who recently published a good biography. I knew Allingham eventually became stout, but the pictures with today’s essay make her look fairly hefty from the start. Her characters — Campion and Amanda, at least — are quite remarkably slender into late middle age.

   I haven’t done any more knitting on the MKAL. It’s time I finished that long row— or is it two? — before the next clue arrives.

   I am sorry about Michael Mosley’s death. Mostly, these days, I haven’t heard of well known people. I have only just heard of Taylor Swift by whom Edinburgh is gripped at the moment. But I had heard of Dr Mosley and enjoyed his radio programme Just One Thing where he told us every week Just One Thing we could do right now to improve our lives or, failing that, the world. 

   Mary Lou, thank you for the tip about “Wilding” (comment yesterday).  That sounds just right. I’ll report back.

   Wordle: another three for me.. Same pattern — a green consonant and brown vowel from my starters. A struggle to think of any word for them. My starters contain all the vowels except Y and five consonants from the top of the letter frequency alphabet. And when I finally got one, it was right.

    Ketki was a fellow-three. Rachel and Mark and Theo scored four. Alexander had a five and Thomas six. They both got stuck with the first three letters green. Roger had a triumphant three, after his dismal two-day streak of failure.

   He and my sister are here in Edinburgh, staying with Helen. They had planned to go to London today, I think. That’s been postponed until Wednesday. And our lunch at the Blue Snail yesterday, cancelled altogether. Sadness. But I gather they’re getting better.


  1. Covid is still a unpleasant thing to catch. I hope they recover soon.
    Oddly enough I've been pondering Isabella Tree's book on 'Wilding' as the next book to read. The Knepp Estate is a few miles south of here and for some reason I've never been. I must go on a visit.

  2. I hadn't seen the news about Michael Mosely, that is sad! I've been a long-time listener and really enjoy Just One Thing. In fact, I bought some ground flaxseed recently based on his recommendation.

  3. =Tamar6:09 AM

    Unexpected respite today, with moderate temperatures and a breeze. They are predicting a heat wave moving in from the West.

    Thank goodness your neighbor was available and able!