Saturday, February 12, 2005


I can't think of anything to take a picture of.

I had a great time yesterday -- I found the very mailing list I want to belong to. Isn't the Internet wonderful? It's called Allotments are publically-owned (usually) sites of otherwise waste land in cities, which are rented out in small plots at a nominal rent to gardeners, almost entirely for the purpose of growing vegetables. My London son-in-law, Rachel's husband, has one. I was worried when I saw how inactive the list was -- only one post in the last week -- but I am stirring it up in true Knitlist fashion with a lively discussion of potato blignt.

I've pretty well decided to give up knit-related list-reading altogether, sadly, because the Knitlist has been a big thing in my life. Being in touch with fellow-fanatics, after a lifetime of knitting alone... And I have made, through it, important flesh-and-blood friends and other, trusted cyber-ones. But it's not like that now. Tedium has taken over. Knitflame is no better, although the posts are shorter. I'll struggle on with UKhandknitters for a while, perhaps.

Blog-reading will have to supply the lack. There's plenty of tedium to be had from that source, too, but some treasures as well. My faves being: -- as I keep endlessly remarking. -- this one is called "Livfairisle" and is written by a long-standing cyber-friend (of Knitlist origin) called Marian Poller. She lives in Israel and travels the world. -- Annie Modesitt's blog. She's a professional, so this one is especially interesting. -- Marilyn Roberts is the Knitting Curmudgeon. Funny and provocative.

It's not exactly a blog, but an old Knitlist member whose name anyone will remember who has ever read the list, namely Judy Sumner, sends out a periodic report on her experiences teaching knitting in a chain store. She used to post these to the Knitlist. The moderators got worried about "advertising" because she often mentioned the name of the store. They told her not to, and she stopped, but Knitflame kept on about it and the moderators decided -- over my strenuous protest -- to make her stop sending the reports altogether. So she sends them privately, still, touchingly, not mentioning the store by name when she can avoid it. She's and I am sure she'll be delighted to add you to her listif you write to her. (She works for A.C. Moore-- there! I said it!)

Further suggestions gratefully received. There are hundreds out there, too many of them in small type on white backgrounds, difficult for my old eyes.


Ireland are here in Edinburgh today to play Scotland. Brian O'Driscoll their handsome captain was injured last week and isn't playing. I suppose, given our performance last week, plus home advantage, plus no O'Driscoll, that we have a ghost of a chance. Wales should beat Italy without much difficulty. Then tomorrow France play England in London. England are not often beaten, and almost never when they play at home -- although Ireland did it last year.

Just so you're warned.



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  2. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and enjoy it very much! You've also pointed me to some interesting blogs. Thank you!