Thursday, February 24, 2005

It was Cold

...but we had a nice time.

The weather was the hardest it has been all winter, but until yesterday, also rather lovely. The contrast between the winter weather and the waxing spring sunshine was rather like a hot fudge sundae. Yesterday, however, we left in a proper blizzard and the first 12 miles of the jmourneyb were a very uncomfortable 20 mph crawl. Driving will be worse today, for ice.

I think I will make a practice of posting a picture of my vegetable garden on the first day back, each time.

Cold Posted by Hello

The red noses of the rhubarb under the pot are now visible at ground level. And I set my seed potatoes to chit. Otherwise no progress. It is hard to believe that a fortnight before, at the end of January, I was kneeling in the sunshine rooting out creeping buttercup.

Knitting, however, progressed nicely. Picture soon. I got a fair amound of firewood sawed. And I feel much happier about the eye-thing. now that I feel sure I am as safe as I ever was (except for the slower reactions of old age), driving on familiar roads in broad daylight.

Country knitting is Koigu, a sweater for Rachel on the same lines as Jamie's one. I have heard from vendor friends, and friends of vendors, that it has been difficult to get supplies recently. It sounds from what I have read as if the whole thing depends on the genius of one woman. Maybe I should think of stockpiling.

When I knit Jamie's sweater, I worked out the pattern in detail (hard work) and posted it on my website. (Address in sidebar) This time, I hope I will be able just to change the numbers and post the adult version with minimal labour. We shall see.

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