Friday, February 25, 2005

The Jacket, again

So exciting! I looked down through the Blog just now and found a COMMENT, from Brigid! She's not the first to have commented, but she is the first to have done it through Haloscan in a way that makes the comment visible to other readers, and answerable by me. How grown-up can you get?

I have been corresponding with Judith about the Clapotis scarf. More about that soon. I'm really taken with the idea.

My sister and my alpaca yarn will be in London this weekend, and I should receive the latter next week. That's exciting, too.

But to the main business of the day. You will remember that our daughter Rachel and some of her family were here last week. Here is Rachel with her potential jacket:

Rachel with her jacket Posted by Hello

I am slightly worried about length. I calculated 17" to the armpits, and carefully figured out where to start the sleeve gussets so that I would have 25 stitches in the gusset when I reached 17". But with only 23 gusset stitches, or was it 21? I found I had my 17", so I started the sleeve-hole. Now, when I come to measure that same distance, I can scarcely get 16". (So my original gusset calculation was right.)

I am sure I can recover the missing inch in the blocking, but I am making the sleeve-hole a bit longer than planned, too. I will finish the neckline decreases today, and will then add an extra inch. It'll just have to be a low neckline.

That's the trouble with knitting. It keeps squirming around like a small child, and measurements aren't to be trusted.

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