Thursday, February 20, 2014

I changed both light bulbs all by myself, and haven't seen another mouse. That''s progress, although every venture into the kitchen is now an unwelcome ordeal.

FiberQat, yarn bra's are a brilliant idea, for distinguishing the two balls if I proceed with the Fleegle system for knitting the borders of the Unst Bridal Shawl. I did some Googling just now – they would seem to be exclusively American. I have ordered some through an dealer, but they'll be coming from the US. The pop-up ad plague was so bad that I couldn't order from Jimmy Bean, rather to my sorrow.

And, don't worry, the Milano will get done by mid-March.

Googling produced this from Franklin, on the subject of yarn bra's.

Jared got to the knitted-horticulture show at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, at the last minute, and needless to say his photographs of it are wonderful.

And that seems to be as far as I can get, this morning.


  1. Natalie at the Yarn Yard used to sell yarn bras - has she sold out?

  2. skeindalous12:29 PM

    If you want a do it yourself sort of solution to the yarn bra, get a 'poofy' (pouf) such as they sell to wash in the bath/shower. Open up the coil of plastic mesh, cut into short lengths, knot one end and stuff the yarn in the other. Voila! A very quick and frugal tool. So inexpensive you wouldn't care if it were lost or if you wanted several at once.

  3. I have used nylon stockings as well. cut into small sections they work well.

  4. Re yarn bras. I use the net from packs of onions. Easy and cheap.

  5. There is also this sort of yarn bra!
    Glad there have been no more mice sightings, ghastly things!

  6. Elaine in NYC3:24 PM

    If you've ever bought cherry tomatoes on the vine, the little net bag in which they come make perfect and cost-free yarn bras. All you have to do is trim both ends. They work a treat!