Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today is Alexander's birthday. I probably tell you every time that he was born in a leap year, and his official Due Date was March 3. He has never been entirely forgiven for not being the leap year baby I hoped for – I was especially cross when Princess Alexandra achieved it four years later (or perhaps it was eight).

So as far as I am concerned, he's 13 ½ today.

Well, I finished the tenth repeat of the centre of the Unst Bridal Shawl – I went a few rows beyond, in fact, because I was too tired to think. Resuming the Milano – today's project – will require at least a few moments of figuring out where I am and what I'm up to. Somewhere in the middle of the first sleeve. I'll try to get the thinking done early in the day while the synapses are still firing.


Here's more mathematical knitting – torus links by sarah-marie belcastro (love that name!) which, with a bit of tweaking, become beautiful cowls. Apparently it's done by tying a knot in a circular needle before you start. The mind boggles.

The Panopticon has posted a blog post – Franklin is learning to tat, if that's the verbal form required. I can imagine knitting torus links, but I'm not tempted by tatting.

Greek Helen wrote in excitement yesterday to say she had just cooked courgette (=zucchini) flowers stuffed with feta, mint and pecorino. Spring must have arrived in the Mediterranean. I thought you had to deep-fry them, but she says not.


I sort of figured things out yesterday, and today will ring up and make an appt with the dr not for next week but for the early days of the week after, if possible. By then I will have finished the course of pills he gave me, and Lent will have started, and Greek Helen will be arriving at the end of that week for conferences with Archie's teachers. If health needs to be discussed, it's best done a quattr'occhi, in the wonderful Italian phrase, and the dr's contribution might be relevant.


  1. I hesitate to leave medical advice, but there is some sort of virus (?) going around the States that fills you with nausea every day. It lasts about a month. Perhaps this mysterious thing is what you have contracted.

  2. I would just like to say that belcastro's blog about torus links has made my head explode.

  3. Alexis11:52 PM

    The mathematical knitting is beautiful, and I would be willing to try it just following the instructions in blind faith, but trying to read about the mathematics behind it makes me want to hurl my phone out the window. (I had similar sentiments about my college calculus books.) but the math gene is not entirely lost in my family; it's skipped neatly from my mother to my daughter, who professes to detest knitting but may love this math.

  4. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Those zucchini flowers look excellent. I look forward to trying that in April or May ...
    Once I made a stuffing for them with a lemon-ricotta mixture and some sun-dried tomato shreds - delicious.

  5. Wow... glanced at the knitting/knots article and my mind actually closed up!!! Guess it's beyond me, but the knitting technique is spectacular!!