Friday, February 28, 2014

I reluctantly put the Bridal Shawl away – even made a note on the pattern to say where I had got to. And resumed the Milano. I'll try to take a pic for you.

All is well. I might even finish the first sleeve today. I had forgotten that I have to finish the neck as well as the sleeves – pick up quite a few stitches, knit around for awhile to make a nice little stockinette roll. But I think it can all be accomplished in the fortnight I have sort of allowed myself.

I think I might read up on jogless joins today, if I've got a moment. I know that a trick exists for knitting stripes round and round without a visible jog where you change colours, but I've never employed it. 


I couldn't get an appointment before Greek Helen's visit. I will see the dr three weeks from today. I'm sure I could have had an emergency appt sooner, and perhaps have switched drs, but I didn't want to do that. And the delay has its advantages – I've got time to get better or worse, and to find out what happens in Lent. I fear there will be nothing left for him to do but to refer me to a hospital to be prodded and not improved – but before he can do that, he has to decide what bit of me is primarily at fault.

We have arranged to go to Strathardle with our niece in early April, thus obviating my anxieties of being there alone with my husband now that he is so frail. Trouble is, at the moment I'm not sure I could manage the opening and closing of the house, even with her to hand. I'm weak and breathless. The news this morning says that there was an unusual display of the aurora last night, all over GB. It is sad to have missed it.

The closest I ever got was on an airplane New York > London, when the pilot said it was to be seen on the right-hand side of the plane. I was sitting on the left, in crowded economy.


There's not much in Zite this morning. There's an advertisement for Franklin's steek-and-zip class at some fortunate yarn shop: that's the one I'd love to take next. The world would open out if I could trust myself to put a zip in. The ad says that he writes regularly for PLY magazine – but, alas, you have to subscribe. It is good to be old enough to remember when he wrote exclusively for us at The Panopticon, but I think he's happier now.

There's a new post from Ella Gordon, a favourite blogger – she works for Jamieson & Smith in Lerwick. Gosh, I may even have spoken to her!

The worst of the pop-up ad plague (another unsolved problem, another head on the Hydra) is when I click on one thing and get something completely different. That happens a lot.


  1. I hope you will be better very soon!

  2. Gerri1:34 PM

    Sorry to hear that you continue to feel unwell. When I read "weak and breathless" I do not think it's something to wait on. Obviously you know the whole story, what the pills were for, which do not seem to have helped.You already know that abstinence from the cider helps, so Lent will probably just confirm that. I get it about liking the current doctor. Deal with it now, especially if there is chance for when Greek Helen is available. Then you'll be in fine fit and fiddle for Strathardle.

  3. While looking up Sarah-Marie Belcastro I found photos from your blog on this page!

    I must have a go at the knotted cowl.

    Sorry to hear that you are still below par.

    1. Goodness me. I must learn how to do links properly!

  4. Allison3:07 PM

    Jean, You might want to have a look at this thread on Ravelry ( ) as it seems to be addressing a popup infestation such as yours.

  5. Allison3:09 PM

    Sorry that link will send you to the 21st message. You'll really want the whole thread: ( )

  6. You are right Jean - you would have spoken to Ella. She was the lovely lady who helped me pick the yarn for my vest.

    I saw that Zite article about Franklin and thezipper class and was green with envy. I am hoping he will do it as a Craftsy class so we can all benefit. Knowing how to properly put in a zipper would definitely open up a whole new world as far as knitting goes.

  7. I am so sorry you continue to not feel well. All best wishes for recovery.
    On another note, the steeks-and-zippers class is at a lovely shop in East Bay, north of me by about 2 hours. I took the plunge and registered a couple weeks ago, I am beyond thrilled. Steeks! Zippers! Franklin! Dare I hope for a photo with him?

  8. =Tamar7:02 PM

    "Weak and breathless" is not something to let slide. Google reports both hypothyroidism and heart failure as potential causes. It might be worth leaning on your doctor a bit for an earlier appointment.

    All I know about zippers in knitwear is that you should have the knitwear on when pinning, so the zipper fits the degree of stretch; you want it to look right when it's being worn, not just lying flat.

  9. As an Emergency Room pharmacist, "weak & breathless" always makes me suspect congestive heart failure. Please call the office back and strongly request an earlier appointment.

  10. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Please don't wait- get "urgent" appointment on Monday, whoever you see - although if you explain you have been seeing "X" and think this is an added development, you should be able to get an "urgent" with the right person.

    one added tip from my own family's experience: if you have been feeling nauseous and skimping on normal consumption, make sure you drink plenty: an older relative neglected this and experienced a (fortunately temporary) kidney failure. All liquid is good although non-alcoholic is better ;-)