Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stormy, this morning. I watched some entertaining rugby yesterday, but got some knitting done, too. I should finish the ninth repeat on the centre of the Unst Bridal Shawl today.

Thank you very much, Catmum, for that Wikipedia link to Andre Raffalovich. I was so sure he was an architect that I hadn't read beyond the words “French poet”. So much for my scholarship. I thought, specifically, that he had designed St Peter's RC church in Morningside. It turns out to be by Lorimer. It's very nice. Raffalovich' contribution was money. My sister-in-law, his goddaughter, felt hard done by that she wasn't mentioned in his will.

The picture we failed to buy in NY a couple of weeks ago belonged to a similar-sounding family – wealthy Jews, in that case of Alexandria, one of whom became a Catholic convert and moved in arty-literary British society. Much younger than Raffalovich, but they might still have known each other.

While on the subject of Barbara Vine's “the child's child” – for it was she who started the Raffalovich hare – my reading of it has now advanced to the early years of WW2. In the part about the Battle of Britain  – I can't find the passage this morning – she mentions Churchill's famous line, that never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. She says that a fighter pilot, on hearing that, remarked, He must be referring to the mess bills.

That's so good that I shall believe it henceforth. For several years in adolescence I thot that the word “apocryphal” meant something that ought to be true, whether it actually was or not. I still feel that the language needs such a word.

But we're supposed to be here to talk about knitting. Zite directed me this morning to the Amirisu on-line magazine. That's the designer the Relax came from, which is in fact the pattern I am knitting Milano to. I'll try to re-clarify that next week when I resume it. Meanwhile the magazine looks very promising, and I hope to report further tomorrow.


  1. Did you see the BBC prog last night about the search for the portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie?They ended up finding him just 5 minutes away from where I live!The art historian who presented it got on my nerves somewhat, especially jumping on and off his motorbike all over the country and appearing everywhere in his biker leathers, even at Holyroodhouse - shame on him!IPersonally, I think he could have saved himself a few journeys if he had just befriended 'Google'!

  2. love AMIRISU! thanks for the link!

  3. A win at last! That certainly helps to lift the mood...