Friday, December 03, 2004

Pressing on

I've started Mungo's second sleeve, as you see, on dps.

We are going to Kirkmichael tomorrow, where attention will shift of course to an attempt to knit a ribwarmer in the Debbie Bliss homespun yarn "Maya" which I bought recently. Full report on return, Tuesday or Wednesday.

I had what I think might be called an epiphanic moment the other day. I had been thinking of knitting myself a cashmere sweater from the yarn at -- they have a wonderful range of colours and they claim that there are slight unevennesses in the dyeing, an attribute I like. But the other day I was surveying my sweater drawer in which already lie several cashmere sweaters, presents from my son and daughter-in-law in Beijing. They are wonderful. I love and wear them regularly (and will certainly have one on when we head north tomorrow).

But they're awfully warm, and the Edinburgh winter is as often damp and mild (today) as it is briskly cold (yesterday). Do I really need another cashmere sweater? Wouldn't I prefer a Koigu of my own, like Theo and soon Mungo?


The yarn is now available in Britain, at a price which makes even me hesitate. It might be better to order it from the States and take a chance on paying customs duty. By the time I finish Mungo's sweater my Koigu stash will be seriously depleted.

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  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Hi Jean. I've been reading your blog and watching progress on your projects. I knit up my Maya into wrist-warmer/fingerless mittens and I wear them a lot. It's good stuff. That koigu jumper is going great guns - the colours show up well in the last photo. As for your own sweater: what a nice choice to make - between chashmere or Koigu!