Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Solstice + One

The dreadful black irony about yesterday's attack in Mosul, is that the letters which must inevitably arrive from Mr Rumsfeld (however he deigns to sign them) can only add to the unimaginable pain that 20 sets of parents and who knows how many widows and widowers, are already feeling. "Oh, look, dear, here is a letter from the Secretary of State. Do you think he signed it himself?"

All well here, I guess. This Blog has been too long unillustrated, so I will, I hope, post later today the picture I take of the Koigu sweater to send to Mungo in Greece. I'm doing the neck ribbing. The neck looks awfully big -- calculated according to Elizabeth's Percentage System, which allows, as revised and improved by Meg, a larger neck for children. I think I'll take in a stitch or two on the ribbing, anyway.

Next in line is a return to the aborted Stillwater. That pattern itself is gone for good, but I still have the four inches of ribbing I did, and I'm set with a better all-over pattern (if I can remember which one I chose) and some new colours.

I was tempted though, yesterday, reading IK in the bath, by the 72-stitch-hat in the Fall issue. I need a hat.

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