Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Mungo's yoke progresses. I have reached the early stage of the point where the decreases begin to make themselves felt and the work seems to accelerate.

I'm falling behind on Christmas card writing, though.

Our son-in-law in Thessaloniki professes to like weighty tomes as presents, so, needless to say, he gets little else. This year there is a new book out, very well reviewed, called "Salonica". (I don't know which way to spell it.) I think it will be published in the US in February. Our daughter emailed me yesterday, rather intelligently, to say that David already had two copies and she had just headed off a third. It occurred to her that it was just the sort of thing which we might be about to send him?

I was able to reply, rather smugly, that we had indeed chosen a book for him of local interest and infinate tedium, but not that one. We are sending a modern re-print of F.C.H.L. Pouqueville's work of 1820, "Travels in Epirus, Albania, Macedonia, and Thessaly." Books don't come much more boring than that.

I think I had better knit him a scarf next year. (Winters are fairly cold in northern Greece, and the whole family goes ski-ing.) The DNA one from IK, perhaps, if I can find it.

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  1. You can find the pattern on-line, Jean.

    It's also in IK (I have it, just can't lay hands on it at the moment).