Friday, February 11, 2005

Chinese yarn

A daring experiment today -- I am trying to incorporate the picture IN the post. In the earlly days, when I did that, the picture, previously successfully sent to Blogger, tended to disappear when I re-posted it with text.

I think I've improved the Comment situation -- just when Blogger itself announces that _it_ has. One way or the other, I hope I can now reply to comments, and that other people can see them.

I felt happy all day yesterday about Prince Chjarles and Mrs PB.

Well here's the pic (or not):

Chinese yarn Posted by Hello
It shows some yarn I bought in Beijing nearly two years ago.

In the shop, I thought it was Shetland jumper weight, to be merged with my extensive stash, but when I got it home I found it was distinctly lace-weight. No label at all, gorgeously soft, conceivably even cashmere? Never mind -- the question is what to do with it? and I remain pretty devoid of ideas. Shawls are fun to knit but nobody wears them. Would a side-to-side tee-shirt shape work, like the "Simple Stripes" in KF's "Glorious Knitting"? How does knitting drape when knitted side-to-side?

I've been wondering what to read, now that I'm clear of the Knitlist. (I'm still a member, but I doubt if I'll ever read it again. Too much, too boring.) Maybe I'll give up knitting lists altogether, and just read blogs. I wonder if I could find a vegetable growers list?

The Fair Isle jacket progresses -- unfortunately, that's all there is going to be to say on most days, now, until we get to the next exciting development which will be the neckline.

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