Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Wallaby Revisited

More comments! This is wonderful!

Incorporating pictures into the text seems to be working well enough (...goeth before a fall) inspiring me to hope that my earlier problems were due to some aberration of Blogger's which they have now corrected.

Here, from last week, is a picture of Ketki with her son Thomas-the-Younger, wearing the Wallaby I knit as a Christmas present in 2004 for his cousin Fergus. Fergus will be three in ten days' time. T-the-Y is 3 1/2 months.

Ketki and Thomas-the-Younger Posted by Hello
Ketki is wearing a gorgeous alpaca sweater which her husband Alexander bought for her in NY. Peruvian Connection?

I had an unusual free afternoon yesterday, and feel that I got a lot done. Some ironing. Looking out scraps of grey Shetland yarn for the ribbing of the Fair Isle jacket -- I will probably start the first sleeve this evening, and the point of this enterprise is to do it all from stash. Buying even one more skein is forbidden. Tidying pictures into folders and saving them to CD to relieve both camera and computer of clutter. Working on my website (which remains, however, as yet unbeamed into cyber-space).

Just a couple of more rounds to go on the body of the jacket. My (very inadequate) notes on one I knit a decade or so ago, suggest that I knit the sleeves top-down. I'm going to do them bottom-up this time, so as not to have to keep twirling the whole heavy thing around in my lap. I read a comment on some mailing list recently from someone who had trouble making the sleeve fit, doing it that way. Careful attention to gauge (ha!) should help, and careful calculation. Not my forte.

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