Sunday, May 29, 2005

The great thing about blogging is that it is a major incentive to do the things I say I'll do: I ordered one ball of lace merino yarn (white) from Sharon Miller yesterday, and we shall see. I'm not going to attempt this (the Princess Shawl) unless the knitting is going to be -- well, "fun" is the best word I can think of. Tough, you understand, but fun. I love knitting with merino, in various forms -- including, of course, Koigu -- so I am hopeful. If a sample proves to be too big, I think I could probably figure out how to remove one of the "feathers" from the pattern. Sharon gives the dressed tension per edging point, which will be useful, as the edging is the obvious thing to swatch.

Janis was thinking of doing a knit-along with me on this project, so I tried to get a copy of the pattern for her and couldn't find it. I emailed SM on the subject. Janis has a pretty daughter who might be getting married in 20 or 30 years.

Meanwhile the Clapotis has reached the decrease rows. I should be able to polish it off this week.


My favourite blogs seem largely static this morning, presumably because of Memorial Day. England is having a holiday weekend too, for Whitsun, oblivious of the fact that Whitsun (=Pentecost) happened a fortnight ago. Scotland, although much prone to taking mysterious holidays on Mondays in the early summer, is functioning more or less as normal. I'm not a great fan of holiday Mondays. Scotland actually celebrates Queen Victoria's Birthday on one of those Mondays -- I forget whether we've had that one yet, this year.

Today's picture is the trough of lettuce and rocket on our doorstep. The bold seedlings at either end are the rocket (arugula); lettuce can perhaps been discerned in between.





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