Monday, May 23, 2005

The weather is miserable, and promises to be so for the rest of the week, so I don't have to feel too sad at being separated from my vegetables. And wet and warm is just what they need. I planted some lettuce and rocket seed yesterday in a trough on the doorstep here, just to keep me company. I already have a herb trough, much used (parsley, thyme, chives, and mint).

Today's illustration is Rachel's striped Koigu, in the country. I finished the back while we were there, and the left front, joined it at the shoulder with a three-needle bind off, and am nearly finished with the right front. After the near-disaster of the Fair Isle jacket neckline, I put a lot of effort into thinking about this one. Which is not to say I got it right, just that I did try. How deep and wide to make the placket, how to shape the neck. I have probably gone to the opposite extreme and made it so high that it will strangle her. She can leave the top button open.

It occurred to me at Mass yesterday that this sweater will make an excellent large-scale swatch for the Merging Colors, which knit to Koigu gauge, Candace says. Since the current sweater is five-row stripes, it is simplicity itself to count exactly how many rows there are in the whole thing.

As for actual knitting, I forge on with the Clapottis, which has turned in to a rather clenched-teeth affair. But I couldn't start the Merging Colors if I wanted to, until I have done an awful lot of ball-winding first.



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