Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Safely home.

We were unlucky with the weather. Less was done than might have been hoped, but still something. Most of the tatties are in, anyway. The "Picasso's", I thought, still weren't sufficiently sprouted. And seed beds prepared for some of the seeds. And a pea-support put up. And the forced rhubarb consumed. It was ambrosial. May is a month of unbelievable beauty here, even in bad weather, and of great happiness in the garden.


Take it in order --

1) The country knitting, Rachel's striped Koigu , progresses, although I didn't get very much done on that, either. Still, I arrived at the armpits and divided for front and back and proceeded, therefore, on only half the stitches, which created an illusion of progress. Picture tomorrow.

2) Here, last night, I finished tidying the steeks of the Fair Isle jacket and tossed it aside and started the Clapotis. On a third attempt, I think I've got it. But I've also got to face up to the question of what to do with the jacket. I was terribly tired last night (not much better this morning) but will, today, try it on again and contemplate the result. If the neckline is too low, as I am sure is the case (Starmore's fault), I could take out just the front band and raise the neck with a clever use of short rows, yet to be devised. Or, as I said before, take out the whole thing and make a single continuous band. Watch this space.

3) The new issue of Knitting magazine, now monthly, hasn't turned up as I expected.

4) But an order of Koigu from Foxyknits (www.foxyknits.com) has appeared, just now, and is gorgeous. Picture soon.


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