Saturday, July 02, 2005

That's my pal Margot and her son Tom (a pediatrician), setting off to Make Poverty History half an hour ago. They've got a bonny day for it. We had a great time with them.

Princess Shawl

I had a wonderful email message yesterday from Jean in Australia, who has done FIFTY SIX repeats of the Princess Shawl edging. I wonder if anyone other than Sharon herself has actually finished it? I'm now doing my 13th repeat -- I think I'm slightly ahead of where I was when I abandoned the first attempt because the yarn was too heavy. That's sort of encouraging. Jean and I both find that it takes about an hour to do a repeat. It was encouraging for me to hear that, too.

I had a moment of anxiety yesterday when I thought the amount I have done in the last week, since the cataract thing, looked awful compared to the earlier stretch. That life-line is still in there, so it's easy to see the demarkation. Then I calmed down and reflected that the earlier bit has been dressed -- it's the last thing I did before setting off for the hospital. So of course it looks different.

I had a nice note from Daisy in Canada yesterday, too -- left as an unanswerable comment here -- praising me for updating the Blog regularly. I do feel it's something a Blogger should try to do. Queer Joe is pretty conscientious -- it's one of things I like about him.

I'm, and one day I'll get an Email Me button up.



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