Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog Day

Is there something I don’t know about a link between knitting and photography? We’ve got Carla and Franklin of course (for his photography, see his other blog), Too Much Wool (scroll down to 28th January) – and now Lorna has come out of the closet. My brother-in-law recently sent me some helpful tips on photographing heaps of manure, but I doubt that I will ever achieve much.

The Winter issue of Knitter’s has turned up at last. Zilch, nada – but I’m still glad to see it. I toyed very briefly with the idea of knitting the Short-Row Ring as the shrug I hope to enter in the Home Industries Tent at the Games this year, although the magazine doesn’t use the word “shrug”. Then I decided, not.

Today’s job is to un-pin the First Holy Communion veil, photograph it, and face up to the horrors of DHL. The horrors consisting of customs forms in quintuplicate, as I remember it.

Last night I laid the Noro hat aside and picked up the Princess Shawl again, untouched since November when I started the veil. I was afraid if I left it much longer, I’d never do it. I knit Row 20 of the border – that’s a good evening’s work -- and all went well. I am at a particularly easy point, fortunately. I’ll go on with it for a few days, maybe more, before facing up to other responsibilities, such as finishing the hat.


Thanks to everybody for the comments on our Arabic beast. It looks to me as if copy-and-paste aren’t available on the Haloscan comments page, so I’ll copy out what your Jordanian co-worker said, Rosann, and send it to Helen in Thessaloniki. Thank you for taking the trouble to enquire. I’ll let everybody know what she says.


The Duchess of Cornwall wore a rabbit-fur scarf last weekend (where can I get one?) and got herself into trouble with the Animal Rights people. It must be stated clearly: rabbits have no rights. What we urgently need in Strathardle is a rabbit-predator harmless to lambs. The local pussy cats do their best, but they are hopelessly outnumbered. The Duchess would be more than welcome to come over from Balmoral sometime and join the struggle.

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