Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sue, that is really exciting news – that HipKnits has, or will soon have, Malibrigio yarn here in Britain. I don’t mind paying a lot – it’s the knock on the door and the demand for an unpredictable whole-lot-more that I object to. It’s not on the website yet – maybe I’ll write to her today. Can I resist? I doubt it.

And while I was writing that paragraph, the doorbell rang and the coned Guernsey yarn in Herring Girls Pink arrived. It’s a good colour – less pinky than the photograph of the sweater on the website, more like the colour on the colour page. She’s forgotton to include the pattern I ordered – I’ll have to chase that up.

Here’s a picture (utterly useless) of the current state of the Nudibranch. I’m in the middle -- past the middle -- of knitting the big 'un – the row where about 500 stitches are increased to about 1000. It’s tough going but perfectly do-able. The contrast yarn arrived yesterday from Laughing Hens, a nice blue alpaca. Swirly scarves don’t look like anything until they get cast off.

More thinking about shrugs. I don’t want to knit the type of shrug which consists of a rectangle with cuffs at either end. Why not add ¾ sleeves to an EZ Ribwarmer? I am rather taken with the idea. I’ve knit the Ribwarmer twice, so I’m confident I could keep it short and make the lapel curves deep.


And here’s a picture of my Calcutta Cup mug, which I only use this one week of the year. The picture really belonged yesterday, but the camera battery failed me.

James has just wirtten to say that the tea bags have arrived in Beijing. It used to be that packages sent to China took forever, presumably while Chinese customs had a good think. They must be smartening up their act for the Olympics.

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