Friday, February 24, 2006

Not much to report.

The Nudibranch is not finished, although today may do it. Since I am increasing as well as casting-off, the experience is much like knitting on a treadmill. I continue to be delighted with the result.

No yarn ordered yet, either. My husband’s sister came to lunch yesterday – minestrone and French bread, insouciance again after a morning of laborious chopping. She happened to be in our neck of the woods to attend a funeral at our local crematorium. We talked about where we wanted to be buried, or rather she did. It was a question that much agitated my mother in her later years.

Miscellaneous Space-Fill

Have a look at this for a record of a glorious yarn-crawl that would take years to knit.

I am taken with The Knitting Curmudgeon's idea that the knitting magazines are so boring these days because the Internet has empowered us all – they can’t compete with what bloggers are designing and exchanging among themselves.

The Guernsey Wool site is up again this morning. I wrote to her again about the pattern that failed to turn up with my order.

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