Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Calcutta Cup progresses, and should be finished – the actual motif with its “’06” – this evening. And I’m sort of getting back into the swing of colour knitting.

CalcuttaCup 12-02-2006 09;32;27AM

Thank you for your comment yesterday, Lene. I like the way the colours are looking, too, and am, at least mentally, rejigging my ideas for the all-over patterned bit, soon to begin, in favour of more darkness. Keeping the same colour scheme, but giving the darks a bigger role in it. The picture I’m deriving my colour scheme from, has lots of darkness.


We’re thinking of attempting Strathardle on Friday, the day after my next orthopaedic appt. By then it will be more than 10 weeks since I fell. I’ve made a lot of progress, but the arm is still very weak. I’ll need to try an experimental trip to the supermarket to see whether the car will still start after all this time, and whether I can change gears comfortably. Now that the proposed date is within a week, it’s sort of scary.

But it would be very good to have things squared away somewhat before Christmas, which we plan to spend there with the Beijing Mileses. Alexander and Ketki and their sons will come over from Argyll on Christmas Day, if all goes well, and leave on the 26th. And my husband wants to get this year’s dead leaves out of the gutters and the ditch that runs beside the driveway (and floods it, given half a chance).

And I’d like to recover the sample sweater Alexander gave me as a size-template for both himself and Ketki. He was able to part with it because it’s got an indelible red wine stain down the front. It’s up there serving as a model for Ketki’s gansey, but I’d like to have it here for the crucial period when I discover what gauge I’m actually getting on the Calcutta Cup sweater, and whether the resulting size is going to be acceptable.

I fear it’s time to go back to my Sobriety Routine – cider only on Sundays. Cider has been a great comfort to me throughout my recent ordeal. I sort of thought that suffering might have a refining effect, but apparently not – pounds are creeping back on, and I don’t really think I need the crutch any more now that I can knit. So, Monday…

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