Thursday, December 14, 2006

12-14-2006 08;14;10AM

Our Strathardle neighbours’ Christmas card – the dog is running along the Old Driveway. Our property begins behind that gate, which one of them put up to be annoying during the 10-year struggle of wills over the right-of-way question. Our lawyer said at one point that our new driveway cost us as much (in his fees) as an equivalent stretch of the M6. The gate has warped and doesn’t even shut properly, not that there is anything for it to shut either in or out. Still, it’s a nice picture.

I finished the Malabrigo vest – a last FO for Ought Six. I pretty well achieved what I set out to achieve. It fits well, and is deliciously cosy. I think I will wear it.

Malabrigo 001

I don’t like contemplating myself in any mirror, because I am old and fat. The armholes are not cut in enough, so that the vest overlaps the upper arm instead of staying neatly on the shoulder. At least I was successful in short-rowing the shoulder cast-off, so it doesn’t stick out like epaulettes.

Tonight I will return to the Calcutta Cup Fair Isle.

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