Friday, December 15, 2006

I’ve just been re-reading my entries for December,’05. There’s not much about knitting. Nor is there much on that subject to report here. The Calcutta Cup sweater is moving on nicely. I’ll take another picture of it tomorrow.

I have started taking calcium pills – can’t do any harm. Eventually, when the NHS gets around to it, I will have a bone density scan. Meanwhile, I discovered this week that the calcium pill container, emptied, is perfect for sock needles. I’ve got all the No. 1’s in the first one.

calcium pills


I finished the cards yesterday, and dispatched two more parcels. Parcel-dispatching can't be concluded yet as Amazon has let me down. (More likely, the Royal Mail has let Amazon down, but I can’t find anywhere on their website to send an actual email to an actual human being to say so.) The books were nothing very fancy, and there is every hope that I can buy them on Princes Street today and struggle with Amazon later.

I do so agree with you about Christmas cards, Lene. I enjoy getting in touch with old friends, however briefly. I am irritated by the socially-necessary ones to people I see regularly. What’s the point? There may be a difference between nationalities here, maybe just between families. My husband’s sister would be profoundly hurt if we didn’t send her a card as well as giving her a present. She’s right here in Edinburgh and we see her often, including more than once during the holiday period; there’s no news to exchange. My sister doesn’t expect a card – if she ever did, which I doubt, she certainly doesn’t by now. And I would, I think, be profoundly hurt if I got one from her. Cards, in my book, are for people a little more distant than one’s very nearest and dearest.

But it’s a tricky time of year. Best to go with the flow.

And yes, Sue, the neighbour who took yesterday’s picture is a member, although only by marriage, of the family which has caused us so much grief. Neighbouring is a tough assignment, especially in the country.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I am *so* with you on the cards, Jean.

    One of my coworkers hands them out every year. (Would it kill him to just say "Merry Christmas" or whatever greeting is appropriate?)

    On the other hand, I love getting and reading the letters in ones from farflung friends.

    And I need to get off my duff today and get *mine* mailed! Thanks for the noodge.

  2. I only send cards to people I won't be seeing sometime around Christmas/New Year ish - and don't otherwise see regularly. Or, as this year - perhaps no-one will get one, and I'll send 'hello' ones to distnt friends in the New Year!