Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Like I said, birthdays.

Our daughter Helen is 44 today. Happy Birthday, Helen.

I thought it was Franklin's birthday, too, but looking back I can’t find the fact in his blog any more. Happy birthday, Franklin, anyway, if so. I thought Joe had one a couple of days ago, but I can’t find that either. However, some blogs are as I remember them: Rabbitch was a year older last Sunday, and Sean on Monday. Rabbitch is the oldest of the pack, by a year over Helen; Franklin, I think, is a tad younger than Joe.

Many happy returns of the day, to them all, whenever.

1962-3 was a very cold winter.

It is a disconcerting thing about blogging – I’m assuming, for the moment, that memory hasn’t entirely failed me, this time. The Moving Finger writes, and having writ/ returns to delete and alter at will. I’ve done it myself, once or twice.


I got the travel socks out, and found to my pleased surprise that I was farther on than I thought – nearly to the toe of the first sock. Note the economical odd-ball being employed to finish it off. I agree with Perri Klass in the current Knitter’s, that knitting-at-meetings should be simple. So I cast on for the second sock before I went out last night – thanks to Joe, I have plenty of No. 1 surina needles – and got about 35 of the 50 rounds of ribbing done at the Drummond Civic Society meeting.

So I’m in a great position for London: I can surely polish off the first sock before we reach the Border, and be able to tackle the second with the boring bit already nearly done.


I heard from Jennifer this morning, who had been looking for my website and couldn’t find it. That’s because I didn’t pay the dial-up subscription for this year. Broadband doesn’t come with web space.

I’ve found a plausible-sounding cheap space-provider. The constituent pages are all here on my desktop. The only thing holding me back is the need to think of a good domain name, not too cute, but arresting. I'll put it in the sidebar straight away, once it's set up. With the new Blogger, it's easy, even for me.

Janet, we discovered the joys of Oyster cards the last time we were in London. We saved a lot of money, too – we always used to buy Day Travel Cards, but it turns out that on most days, we weren’t using them up. This time, we will be staying way out in Streatham with Rachel and I’m not sure Oyster reaches that far. She will have to explain the situation to us.


  1. Good morning, Jean!

    It's about 5 a.m. in Chicago and I'm reading a bit before I head to the gym, and yours is the first birthday wish I've had - I'm 36 today. My goodness, what a memory you have.

    Thank you so much - and many happy returns of the day to Helen!

  2. Hi Jean,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your projects.

    I hope the web space provider you're thinking of using isn't Ipower or Ipowerweb! I'm just about to dump them, they are truly awful.

  3. Not to tell tales out of school but Joe's birthday is April 4 and I think he'll be 48. Mine is April 25 and I'll be, um, 17. Or 57. Take your pick.

    I'll wish ole Franklin a happy birthday too--he's a month younger than my youngest daughter.

  4. Oooo a blog name! So much fun. First off, happy birthday to all your friends. I'm too lazy to go to their sites and say anything, so that's that. I suppose that would mean Knitwit would be a good blog name for me...if I knitted. But hmm, a name for you...A bag of knitting that's kind of rude and I didn't mean it to be, sorry! Okay, perhaps Yarn and flagon- tales of a cider lover. Yarn it all!, Do you knit know yarn own kith and kin...uhh these are just getting worse. Good luck with the name!

  5. I love that feeling too--that feeling of having knit and knit and knit and suddenly, it seems as if the sock has knit itself. Lovely.

  6. oyster ought to work for Streatham... as for domain names, it's difficult isn't it? I think it took me over a month to pick the names but here are a few :


    as you can see, i'm not that creative

  7. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hi Jean, I hope Helen has had a lovely birthday. Domain name, hmm, Cider and Fiber, perhaps?
    Do tell what an Oyster card is? I'm planning a trip next May to Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales and we plan to do it as cheaply as possible on our own without any of the tourist/tour guide stuff. Just tramping around to points of interest to my friend and myself.