Thursday, January 11, 2007

A morning of excitements!

An email from my friend and eBay agent Helen just now directed me to The Yarn Yard, which is actually somewhere near Edinburgh but alas! doesn’t seem to offer a real-world shop as distinct from a virtual one. Never mind: virtual is good enough for now. In compensation for a dreary January morning with rain hitting the window, and dawn having a lot of trouble breaking, I signed up for three months of their Yarn Club.

And then your comment, Kate, reminded me how much I had enjoyed that copy of “Yarn” you sent when I broke my arm, and how I meant to subscribe but let it slide, like so many other things -- so I went to the website and subscribed.

That’s enough knit-related expenditure for one morning.

Tamar, that sweater is extremely interesting. (Comment yesterday, with web reference.) I’ve got to make a note somewhere where I’ll find it – hey! in the Palm! – so that when/if I ever get to Lerwick, I can have a look. The shape is far more adventurous than I thought Shetland/Fair Isle colour knitting ever got. I wouldn’t absolutely rule out sideways construction.

VKB: things have been very quiet over on eBay lately, as far as I am concerned. Not at all quiet, really – slews of VKB’s have been on offer, but I’ve got them all. I was interested in No. 41 (early 50’s) last night, because my copy, although complete, is distinctly tatty. I would have paid £8 or so for the excellent-looking one on offer. I was still tempted in the early evening when it stood at about £11.50. But it sold for £26.78, eliminating all temptation.

Calcutta Cup sweater

It isn’t often I knit something in which progress can actually be discerned from day to day.

There was a dreadful moment last night when, in spite of all that has been said here recently, I looked down at my hands and discovered wood in the right and metal in the left. It only happened that once, and the mistake was retrieved without too much difficulty. It had been a longish hardish day.

I’ve now added a full pattern repeat to the circumference and it’s beginning to take a bit longer to make the circuit.


  1. Jean

    I've just received my "knitting fashions of the 1940s" by Jane Waller - -
    She has written several older books about family knitting in the 30s and Men's knitting - I wonder if she would be a good resource for your Kitchener question?

    The book looks good so far!

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I've been lurkng since finding my way here a few weeks back.

    My tip for knitting in the round with two circular needles: When I drop one and pick up the next, I always give a little tug and make sure I'm feeling tension on the end held in my left hand - just to be sure I'm using two ends of the same needles.

    Your sweater is lovely. I'm enjoying watching it grow.