Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I think I am in some sort of spring slump, knitting-wise and life-wise.

I finished off the scarf, however: it but remains to make a package of it. My husband noticed it for the first time and said that it is too narrow. He’s right.

I also finished, and Kitchener’d, Cathy’s first sock and cast on the second with a likely-looking ball plucked hastily from the KF Sock Yarn bag. It turned out after an inch or so to be the wrong shade: all the same colours, but differently arranged. So I found the right ball, ripped out the false start, and started again.

In that picture you see the finished sock, and the Wrong Yarn with which to proceed.

And there we are. Perhaps a wander round Ravelry would inspire me.

Politics is in the doldrums, too.


  1. Some folks like narrow. But don't you love those after the fact comments that could best be kept to oneself? I get those as well, like "Do you think that will really fit her?" or "That's not a very good color for her." Grrr. Trouble is, on the color question, Mr. Non Knitter is often right.

  2. Thin scarves are all the rage just now. I think this one is very pretty and am sure that Michelle or Jenni or perhaps one of the Obama children will end up wearing it.
    (This is Sister Helen)

  3. I always like saying "Horse Latitudes" too. You get stuck there, as well, but fewer people know about it.

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Thin scarves are fine. Send it and go on to the next project.

    I think it was H. Allen Smith who wrote a book with Horse Latitudes in the title.

  5. it's not just you (knitting doldrums) it's just the nice weather and much longer days. And sneezes, too -- I"m having an "allergy" mental health day where I plan to do NOTHING.

    The scarf is nice -- "thin" is always in LOL and actually looks nice on everyone!

  6. I think the scarf is lovely - and thin is in - especially when people like to wear them with the ends looped through (what's called a European Knot, I believe).

    And I SO agree with you on the politics front. All the talk lately has been about the Democratic Party imploding and how the DNC rules committee meeting on May 31st is going to be a bloodbath. Sigh. It's all so depressing, I've stopped closely following things for a couple of weeks.