Monday, September 22, 2008

Another week – and it promises to be another interesting one. I trust you’ve all seen this video by now, but just in case…

“Obama for America” rang me up last night! I didn’t pause to talk, but wished them well and felt very grown-up.

Here’s the bear. The wig is tighter than it should be, and examination of photographs (which should have been undertaken at the beginning) reveals that the rolls should have been arranged in more orderly rows. He’ll have to do. I’ll probably tack the wig in place, Tamar. It would have been cute to have holes for the ears, but too much trouble.

We’ll be in London next Sunday and so miss the annual start-of-the-legal season Mass at the Cathedral. Roman Catholic lawyers in great quantity process in, first the solicitors, bare-headed; then the young advocates with modest wigs perched on top of their curls; then older people with more substantial headgear; finally a judge or two – and Scottish judges are truly splendid – all but smothered. It is always wonderful to see before one’s very eyes the origin of the term “bigwig”, and this year I would have welcomed the chance to study actual wigs.

So I have happily resumed Princess-knitting, with a clear run (except for London and Strathardle) through to the end of October. I looked at Araucania again in K1 Yarns last week. I do love it, and must start thinking seriously about colours if I want to go that way for Ketki’s Calcutta Cup sweater.


  1. Your bear looks splendid, I think. What is in store for this little guy?

    Very interesting re the "start" of the legal system's year - any sources you can send me to about the Scottish legal system? Boy, I'd love to view that Mass someday. Do you know whether there is a similar tradition in the Church of England?

  2. Lovely bear! And that link to the picture of the Scottish judges made me think of Captain Blood..."it is a terrible thing to send a man's soul to perdition."

  3. Your bear looks splendid! She Who Must Be Obeyed would approve of his fineness.

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM

    The wig is wonderful. I believe the one Rumpole of the Bailey wore was not the correct size for him, either.