Monday, September 01, 2008

Stitches for the second sleeve have been successfully picked up, and I’m moving nicely forward.

Jeanfromcornwall, and rosesmama, thank you very much for your comments about shirt cuffs. Reflecting on memories of James Bond and Cary Grant fiddling with their cufflinks, I’m sure you’re right, and am going to leave the cuff as it is currently orientated. That means that when the first, too-big one is ripped out, I can leave a few rows, and won’t have to interfere with the delicate decrease row. It’ll be time for another picture tomorrow.

Politics, etc.

The Palin-is-the-grandmother story is well-represented on the internet – there are links from the Drudge Report and Huffington. It seems to have originated at Daily Kos. Right-wing commenters, the considerable majority, splutter with indignation. Left-wing ones say, maybe there’s something in it. Few if any seem to grasp what seems to me the central point, politically: if it’s true, Palin is an accomplished liar.

As you say, rosesmama, it would require a massive cover-up. I think there are probably enough suggestive details – the relevant daughter was out of school for the relevant months with mononucleosis – that an investigative reporter or two will send a junior to look into it, and if it’s true, we’ll soon know. I often think that the only freedom which really matters is freedom of speech, freedom of the press.


Helen sent me some pictures yesterday. I have replaced the “Various Grandchildren” in the sidebar with her picture – same grandchildren, same occasion, much better pic.

Here is her son Fergus with the showbench which includes his winning entry in the Paper Plate Face class. It is hanging on the wall with its red card attached.

And here is Mungo, with his first-prize Decorated Wellington Boot. I was afraid he might have gone too far, since his boot is no longer usable as such. But no, the judges liked it.

And here is a Typical Scene: some of our party watching (or not watching) events on the field.

Standing, from left, Mungo; Alexander in an old KF sweater from the days when Rowan sold kits; Thomas-the-Elder and his girlfriend Anna, the ones who lost their car in an accident the evening before; Rachel; Helen's husband David, who seems to be talking on the telephone. Seated, my husband and I -- note the Fibertarian Party sweatshirt.


  1. On Sarah Palin - either she's an accomplished liar, or someone who makes very strange decisions when under stress. Neither particularly desirable qualities in a Vice-President.

    On the other hand, I am totally unconvinced by the allegations. I've looked at the pictures which purport to show no signs of pregnancy, and as a woman who takes some trouble over her clothes I see all sorts of distracting devices to hide the midriff (for example, jackets worn open with a long scarf covering the opening) which a slim woman (as Sarah Palin is when not pregnant) wouldn't use. And if her daughter's plump middle could not be ordinary fat, then I must have four children myself, because that is exactly where I've carried my spare padding since I was 13. Moreover, my experience of friends and family going down with glandular fever (mononucleosis) is that 5-8 months is not an unusually long time to be absent from school. Six months was the norm, up to a year was by no means unheard of. I also can't see that driving to a medical centre is suspicious behaviour when one is off school sick.

    I find myself wondering if Kathryn Blair is now relieved the papers only pilloried her for being (in their eyes) plump, instead of suggesting that Leo was actually her child!

  2. I'm so glad you are going to keep the cuffs oriented as prescribed. I well remember a blouse with long cuffed that I made in the sixties - it had the cheating method of using the underarm seam as the opening, and it drove me quietly up the wall, because the cuff fastening was in the WRONG place. The cuffs kept catching in things as I worked, and I said some pretty harsh things about 'some cheats are not worth doing' before I put that pattern in the bin!

    Of course that will not worry Mr. Teddy, but he deserves to have things done 'proper'.

  3. Our papers are now saying that Palin's daughter is five months pregnant--I'd been wondering why on earth anyone in Palin's position would bother to cover up an illegitimate baby these days; this announcement does at least answer that question.
    Link here:
    Sorry; I haven't mastered tiny urls. The note appears in "The Caucus" in the New York Times today.
    (Sister H that is)

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    It was posted today that Gov. Palins's daughter is pregnant now and is due in December so I don't really think that the baby is hers.

  5. I always thought that men's cuffs divided in line with the outer phalange/ little finger. Heaven knows what that would translate to for a bear! I'm also thinking of Prince Charles and his famous cufflink fiddling. I'm a blind knitter too but compund the issue by being blind to gauge!

    I'm still trying to make sense of the whole Palin issue and feel a little kerflummoxed - what relevance does her family? Surely VP is a figurehead position (unless you're Bush and it's vital)? The majority of work a VP does can't add up to be anything more than what's already done as governor of a whole state.

    In Australia there's always been the tradition that the press make NO MENTION of a political candidate's or MP's family. This removes any moral rectitude from political debate as far as family goes and allows the pollie's family to try and carry out a 'normal' life while the country kidnaps their husband/father/wife/mother for the next 4 years. Culturally, Australians all know that politicians are accomplished liars, the fun is just to catch them out on their broken election promises or double ended policies!