Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not much, today. The Drakes are about to leave for Athens…

And the swallowtail coat is coming on fine. Today I’ll rip back the too-large right cuff. I wonder if I should have made cuffs and collar the same colour as the coat, but there’s no use worrying about this thing indefinitely. I’m not competing in a swallowtail coat contest.

Thank you for the Palin links, Mary Lou, and for the account of life in the Twin Cities with the Republicans in town (the blog expands the remark in yesterday’s comment). This can’t be right.

We got no mail at all yesterday – possible, of course, but most unusual. And me breathlessly expecting not only the Wine*pple book but also the new VK.

This is a picture of my husband reading Hilaire Belloc's account of "Archibald, who told no lies, and got this lovely volume for a prize" to Archie Drake.


  1. I was in the main library next to the RNC site this am, and the staff said they have seen very few visitors to the beautifully restored 1911 building. I saw a Secret service agent posted at a window, peering out.

  2. Jean, the NPR program Fresh Air had a segment today on W**te He*t. I didn't hear the piece, unfortunately--I had to leave for class before it aired--but here is a link:

    Should that link fail, it's the 03 September 2008 broadcast.